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Halloween Girls


Girls at Halloween need to be locked up or not let out of the house or treated in some such way that they are incapable of ruining the festive period (I say festive period in irony because we all know that Halloween – at least, in Britain – is certainly not as good or popular as it used to be). Now, I don’t know what Halloween is like in other countries – apart from American films, or ‘movies’ I’ve seen in which suburban Halloween seems really popular, with kids and candy galore – but in Britain, it’s pretty shit. Trick or treating certainly isn’t that big, what with overprotective mothers forbidding it as other people’s food ‘cannot be trusted’ and Halloween games like bobbing for apples etc just don’t seem to exist anymore (this probably comes as a result of the fact that real, loving families are a rarity in this day and age). So basically, Halloween is extinct. But as the title of this article suggests, it’s the girls that really piss me off and ruin this holiday for me. Now, I loathe women anyway (and you can be all like y so sexist, but I am a woman and I think that to detest one’s own gender is acceptable because you’ve seen the best and worst of it, meaning you can probably validly justify your opinions) but on Halloween, this hate is amplified to a much higher degree. I wonder when scary and gruesome costumes transformed into cheap kitty or nurse outfits, designed to reveal as much skin and bootay as possible.

It’s like, Halloween is basically an excuse for girls to dress as sluttily (this isn’t a real word but whatever) as possible with a few scars painted on their tits to convey the fact that they’re supposed to be dead. You know what? I can’t say that corpses really do it for me. I’d rather fuck someone who’s alive, so instead of trying to make Halloween sexy (although none of you actually look attractive, as much as you try to convince yourselves you are), let’s stick to making it scary.


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  1. ρнσєηιχ тнαℓℓαѕѕα permalink

    I love reading your blog! I like how you seem to know who you are in life (though I don’t know if you feel that way..). I can relate to so many of your posts.This one especially.

    In the US, Halloween is kind of a big deal for every little child. I love Halloween, and went trick-or-treating with the same best friend every year. It used to be all great fun, until this year, when my best friend decided to go as a sexy, slutty vampire. I couldn’t even tell what she was, all she wore was a small black dress and a load of makeup. It was horrible.
    I’ll have to correct your last sentence there, for some of the sluts wear so little clothes and so much makeup in the freezing cold, it’s scary.

    • I think I’m sort of torn between knowing who I am and knowing what I am isn’t good enough for what I expect of myself. As neurotic as that sounds, and probably is ahah.

      That sounds awful, truly. I feel so mortified for you D:! Really, I do! I guess that is pretty scary, you’re completely right. What’s more scary is that you never know who will be contaminated next. It could even be you next year, but stay true to yourself and it won’t be :>.

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