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The Start


Well, I’m new to this so I’ll start with a brief introduction: I have a lot of thoughts that I can never be bothered to put down on paper; or rather, I think far too quickly about far too much to ever be able to write it all down. I guess this is a start.


I’ll probably judge you no matter who you are, and I wish I wouldn’t because I wish I was actually nice and happy and not so full of rage – the way I used to be before I grew up. Although, that’s actually not true at all because I really enjoy my own misery and revel in my own hatred because I guess I’m under the pretense that not being able to handle the world makes you really intelligent in the same way that the best poets/playwrights/authors are (or were) absolute misanthropes and crazily depressed. Sounds familiar.

So this is the beginning of something new for me. Hopefully, this blog will be a way of venting my rage etc but at the same time, I hope that it will actually be something that people can relate to, something that people are actually interested in – interesting and intelligent people, I mean; I can’t say I really want to be appreciated by idiots because then that basically makes me an idiot, which I don’t consider myself to be – and want to read… although that makes me sound like some sort of lonely, attention seeking cat lady. Great.

In any case, I will try to make this interesting, although, as long as it cures my perpetual boredom, I don’t really care.


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  1. It seems you have made things very interesting indeed! Your drawings are so great! An additional unnecessary exclamation point!

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