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Wapan Needs to be Defeated


So, I think most of us can agree that Japanese popular culture is pretty awesome, right? And I think that any fan of it, at some shameful point in their lives, will have  taken their wish to be Japanese a little too far, maybe being a guilty culprit of Japanese-English speech or cosplaying or some other shit. I call these people wannabe Japanese – Wapanese.

Most of us realise sooner or later that  not only is this super lame but offensive to the people who are actually Japanese. I mean, imagine if someone who was not of your nationality or culture or whatever suddenly decided that they wanted to be and took it upon themselves to behave in the way the waps do. I think we all know where this is going. This just needs to stop. it’s even really irritating for people, like myself, who aren’t even Japanese to witness. It’s just embarrassing for both parties. The only upside to this monstrosity is that good for them, having the self-confidence to actually be like that in public. I’m tired of seeing American girls trying to be Japanese on Youtube. I’m REALLY sick of British girls posting ‘Harajuku’ photographs of themselves on Facebook and Myspace – I kind of feel that the Myspace offenders are worse because only people who think they’re really cool and individual use Myspace these days – and also sick of people being like wow that’s so cool. Someone needs to put an absolute stop to this.

I’m absolutely sick of people tattoing themselves with Chinese or Japanese writing. It’s not only bad enough that they’d want shit like ‘love’ and ‘peace’ (this is what it’s usually supposed to say) on their bodies, but doing it in a language that you don’t even understand – I have no problem with people doing this if they do actually speak and are able to read the language – is just… there are no words to describe how much that simply takes the cake (and look at that, we’ve had to resort to basic colloqualism). What’s with everyone having their names on MSN (lol who uses MSN anymore?) in Japanese now, too? It’s like, you’ve probably only watched an anime or something and now you’re suddenly obsessed with Japan – or at least, you think you are, in reality you know nothing about what Japan is really like, only what people tell you on Deviantart (another thing I cannot stand).

Anyway, here’s a short list to conclude:

Stop speaking wapanese – the Japanese parts are probably incorrect anyway

Stop cosplaying unless you’re going to an actual convention. It’s not cool to just take pictures and Facebook/Myspace them

Stop taking photos of yourself wearing some deformed attempt at a Harajuku costume/style

Stop getting Chinese/Japanese tattoos! Just stop it

Stop putting your MSN (or anything similar) names in Japanese – OR WORSE, in English phonetically spelled Japanese.

Japanese culture is super cool and all, but you waps are degrading it completely. If you really like and respect it, you’ll stop trying to imitate it. Leave it as it is, don’t ruin this like you ruined Oriental Japan.


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  1. ditto. same goes for brown culture

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