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Photographers and Photography


I am absolutely sick of people thinking that just because they can take a photograph –  and edit it so that it is black and white/high contrast – they are a photographer. Especially if they’re taking their pictures on some shitty digital camera, or worse, a five megapixel phone. Now, I am a fan of photography and I love trying it out for myself (I think it’s fun, but I would never claim to be a photographer or post my shitty pictures online for other people to see unless it was to serve a particular purpose) but I don’t really think there’s that much skill required to do it successfully (I’m preparing for haters). In my opinion, you either have ‘the eye’ or you don’t. Furthermore, you need something interesting to actually photograph. Any amateur could produce a decent picture of the sunset or the silhouette of a tree against the sky; these noobie pictures would probably not differ greatly from those taken by professionals (pros probably have a better camera, that’s about it) and that’s what I guess is shit about photography. Take other forms of art, for example, oil painting. The beauty and skill is not in the subject, but within the artist and the techniques that they employ. The same cannot be said for photography which is why there is little skill involved – one need only find a subject and press a button. Now, you could argue that the editing which takes place in the forming of a good picture does require moderate skill. This is true, but true photographers shouldn’t feel the need to edit their photographs. It isn’t real. The ‘great photographers’ of old (before Adobe Photoshop) still managed to produce great looking pictures.

I’m sick of seeing pre-teenagers uploading their shitty photos on Facebook and thinking they’re really deep. There is nothing deep or thought provoking in some high contrast black and white poorly taken picture of a dandelion. What’s worse is when they then put some ridiculous ‘motivational’ caption. I can’t think of an example off the top of my head, but I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about.

To cut things short and conclude, I’m sick of all this ‘hi, I’m an amateur photographer’ shit. You can only really call yourself a photographer if you do it for a living.

Also, what is with all these (this is what I just thought of to call them, but this term probably already exists) camera lurkers that are everywhere you go talking fucking pictures of you to post on Facebook (I usually can’t stand the following bad grammar but I feel that in this rare circumstance, it is wholly acceptable)?!??!!?! It’s like stop spending the time we are spending together taking photographs of us and just appreciate that we are actually spending time together and would be enjoying it if you weren’t being such a dick. Now please enjoy this hypothetical, entirely fictional conversational transcript:

Me: why do you even want to take all these pictures?

Idiot: for a new profile pic of course

Me: so, basically, you want everyone to know that you’re actually out of the house and have friends?

Idiot: yeah, see, if you don’t have many pictures or tagged photos, it looks like you don’t have a life

Me: …why do you even care?


Prime example of a camera lurker (see above)



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