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Well, it’s come to my attention that angry rants are all good but I should probably give my blog some sort of direction. I was thinking about doing an art blog, but I don’t feel that I am good enough (although I wouldn’t say I was at all bad).  I always enjoy reading blogs that are filled with life experience and amusing stories but I feel that it would be audacious to assume that people would want to read about my life, and I also feel like I have a dark/warped sense of humour and therefore people might not find things funny that I intended to be – not that I’m out to impress anyone, because I can’t say that I am – and it would just be an awkward experience for both parties.

Anyway, I think the best solution is for this to just be a whatever blog. I’ll just toss in a bit of everything.


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  1. Mary permalink

    i love dark humor ; )

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