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I make them all the time, they’re great for a snack or for lunch – not just on Pancake Day.

Combine all of the ingredients so that it forms a thickish liquid, be sure to use something to ensure that the pancakes will not stick to the frying pan. I recommend Frylite (it’s supposed to be healthy) but any oil or even butter will do.

You can pour as much mixture into the frying pan as you want, but the more you put in, the lower the temperature at which you cook it should be .

Don’t worry if air bubbles start to appear while it’s cooking, this is normal.

Be sure to flip them when they solidify. I use a spatula to do this, but if you can toss them, do so!

Top the pancakes with whatever you want, be creative. You could stick to sugar and lemon juice, or go with banana and coffee, it’s completely up to you.


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