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I’ve wanted to post about this for a while, just because women are probably the one thing in this world that I’d say I am not physically able to bear.

I just think that women are so unnecessary. Like, why do they have to be so loud and ridiculous? I hate their body language, their voices, their attitude – everything about them. I hate how they feel the need to do completely gratuitous things, for example, that really weird bend over thing that they do when they laugh. It’s like are they so crippled by the hilarity that they have to physically bend over? It’s probably not the only bending over that they do, but I have no issues with that.

I hate how with women, life seems to be a competition regarding how loud they can be. Who can laugh in the loudest most annoying way and be the biggest dick.

Really, I hate how women try to be men, and this is just wrong. The ‘ladylike’ etiquette is long dead and this is what annoys me. Woman are no longer dainty and admirable, they’re vicious animals with no respect for those around them and are selfish. And I really can’t stand when women swear excessively. A ‘shit’ here and there is fine, but why does everything have to be ‘fucking’ filled with ‘fucking’ foul intensifiers that are ‘fucking’ unnecessary? Do they think it makes them sound badass – but anyone, regardless of gender, who thinks they are/wants to be badass just needs a shotgun to the face.

Like, I was playing Halo Reach on Xbox Live with two friends and a female friend of theirs that I don’t really know but have played with before, and every time she killed someone, she felt the need to say things like ‘fucking killed you, fucking watch out for me’ and ‘shit can’t touch me fuckin’ badass bitch’ which, as I hope you can imagine, is really fucking annoying.

This is just what I mean though, women think it’s so cool to be vulgar and act like men. While it’s OK to be ‘one of the guys’ or a tomboy or whatever, all of the above is just ridiculous. To be fair, thinking about it, I deject that behaviour in men anyway, but it’s completely worse with women.


I think my hatred of women derives from my growing up around them: I spent my fourteen years of education at a girls’ school and being sat in the common room at lunches and free periods and whatever was just infuriating.

Another thing that annoys me about women is what they actually talk about together and revolve their lives around. Women are so materialistic and shallow, it’s disgusting. All they care about is being beautiful and having beautiful friends. The more ‘beautiful’ they make themselves, the uglier they become. I don’t just mean on the inside, I mean literally, too. Who actually thinks that bright orange skin, plastic hanging off the eyes and lips either a billion shades lighter than the skin or bright pink is attractive? I just don’t understand how these girls can look in the mirror and be like, wow! You know what? I look really great!

And I hate how they go out wearing next to nothing and get really drunk, acting like they’re all that, but in my experience, they’re mostly all virgins. Which is why I also hate all the girls who aren’t as flamboyant as the above, but are like amg dey r such slags, when they’re not at all, they’re just dicks.

I really cannot stand that about women: they’re so willing to show off their bodies to everyone and act so flirtatious, but when it actually comes to doing anything sexual, they want out. I hate women that can’t take a sexual joke, too. Like when they’re like ‘dis is so hard’ and someone is like ‘my dick is so hard’ and they’re like ‘ewwwwww that’s groooosssssssss!’ What is gross about penis? It’s a part of the body. It makes me angry just thinking about it.

Like when girls hate giving blowjobs. What?

If you really cared about your partner, you would want to give them as much pleasure as you are able, regardless of the possibility of ruining your make-up/whole face. Fuck all that ‘only on your birthday’ shit. If I was a guy and my girlfriend was all like ‘nooooo only on special occassionssssssssss’ I’d just be like are you fucking serious? I mean, it’s a part of foreplay, it’s natural. I fucking hate women.

I also hate how intelligent (well, maybe not that intelligent in the light of what I’m about to say) women play dumb. What even is the point? It’s like how people are like ‘I won’t read books because it’s not cool’. Apparently, intellect still isn’t cool. I know, let’s breed with idiots to make the world an even more stupid place than it already is. Great idea!

I’m just losing all structural cohesion in my rage now; I’ll just fire off some quick points.

Heels: why do women find it so necessary to wear heels to everything? To work, to school, just out in the street. In my opinion, heels are very rarely acceptable. On a night out, yes, but impractical. Maybe to some sort of formal event, a low heel is nice. A low heel for work, okay, but fucking stilettos? I don’t think so. I just think heels are so impractical and to wear them for the mundane is just shallow – who are you trying to impress, do you think you’re hot stuff?

Gossip: I guess it’s natural to enjoy a good bitch, but I can’t stand middle-aged women getting together and nattering about whose tea-cake wasn’t up to scratch this week.

Why do all women look the same and not have a problem with this? And then, when they buy clothes, other women ask them where they got it and then buy it for themselves. Does no-one else see a problem with this lack of originality/a brain?

Women that refer to their friends as ‘my girls’ or go on nights out ‘with the girls’. asdfghjk,l.;/

Stereotypes: women that want to fit into stereotypes. For example, women that are Northern seem obsessive about ‘having a cuppa’, or women that are blonde are like ‘blonde momenttttttt!’ This is infuriating.

Feminists are the worst. They’re so busy fighting for ‘women equality’ that they’re too blind to see that we have long since been equal and now we are being destroyed. Is it any wonder that women are no longer seen as treasured and people who should be protected and treated with the utmost care? Of course it isn’t because men now see us as equals and therefore have no problem taking advantage of us. We don’t help ourselves either. We are ready to be used and even enjoy it.

Just to clarify, I’ve been focusing on your standard mainstream girl here but be under no illusion that this is the only ‘type’ of female I hate. I can’t stand goth or emo chicks that think they’re so original and hardcore. I really can’t stand them. I hate seeing Youtube videos of song lyrics with some pussy video description such as ‘we are the broken, no-one understands us but together we are all brothers and sisters of music’. Shut up.

I can’t stand all the teenage girls who think they’re so random. You aren’t. No-one is random. I hate girls who declare themselves as crazy. Really? Do you have a mental disorder? You’re just being the persona that you’ve crafted yourself into. You’re not real and you probably never will be. You’re probably only the way you are because it was cool at the time and you copied your friends. Well done.

And let’s not forget our individual hipster girls. You’re not original – you probably still buy your clothes from the high street and just pretend not to. Just stop it.

Why are women so uncomfortable with who they are that they feel the need to attach themselves to some genre and throw themselves into it full force, much to the annoyance of everyone around them. Actually, probably not because all their friends are most likely as ridiculous and irritating as they are.

I just hate how fake women are. I mean both externally and internally. I hate how they feel the need to fake laugh and act up in public and shit like that. I can’t even carry on or bring this to a close because women make me so angry that I am rendered unable to continue. This is basically my woman hate in a nutshell.

I will add that yes, I am obviously female so to others, I am probably every bit as guilty (I don’t actually think I am at all and I don’t think others would think I am, but as to not be a complete dick, I will accept the fact that in this I am biased, and due to my unfortunate gender, I am probably an absolute knob) but that doesn’t make what I’ve said any less valid. Everyone is a hypocrite to some degree.


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  1. OK, Sunday morning and I’m back to catching up on old posts. Remember I told you you reminded me of my friend in Texas? Well, guess what? She went to an all girl’s school too. Strange.

    You are a gifted ranter.

    I wrote a story, or started a story, about this Mother Daughter book group from Hell I was in a few years back. Those women just killed me. I think, since I’ve gone back to my writing, I have come to terms or am coming to terms with the fact I just am never going to enjoy women like that. I can’t stand fake people, but what is worse I doubted myself and kept trying to win their approval, in little ways, but then I’d wind up saying something rude and sort of revealing my true feelings. I think women are just so insecure, well, everyone is I guess. But the worst are the people who try and distance themselves from this fact.

    • That is strange. I hated that school ahaha but I’m glad I went there as it provided me with a good education.

      Eugh, I don’t know how you could stomach that for even five minutes. I don’t really like women’s book groups although I’ve never been to one so my opinion isn’t exactly valid. From what I’ve seen and heard, the all just seem so pretentious and the books that they read are poo.

      I hate women that try to please others just to be liked. It’s kind of different but when I finished college (sixth form, not university) this (last?) summer, I was planning to go to university with one of my best friends until I decided at the very last minute that I didn’t want to study English and be around all the loud teenagers and especially the girls who would all be idiots (there was this weird social networking sites for students to meet the other students who were going to the same university etc and they weren’t exactly a bright bunch). Anyway, she ended up going and I dropped out and I could tell that she was changing just to please them from the first week. She used to be pretty much like me although a lot more boyish: she would never wear make-up and wear hoodies and stuff, not in a bad way, just in a that was what she was comfortable with way. Anyway, she basically became a dick and started dressing very scantily and just being mean. We aren’t friends anymore ahah but it kinda eats me up that people can change so suddenly just because of other people – to be liked. It’s disappointing that she wanted so badly to be liked by that sort of person that she would cast out her friends because she was embarrassed of the change.

      Anyway, that was a digression and a half. I can’t stand women like that ahah :> you get my point. BY THE WAY, I am still reading your blog, I haven’t been on really in a few days (I’ve been doing a lot of painting and stuff for people’s Christmas presents which can be rather time consuming as you can imagine) which also provides the reason for the lack of posts. Just so you know that I haven’t abandoned you or anything ahah 😀

  2. I’m sorry about your friend…it’s always such a surprise when that happens. In time, she will most likely return to you (if she’s lucky). Yesterday I wrote for a long time about how easily influenced I can be (under the right circumstances), and this is why I feel more free when I am away from people. It can happen anywhere really, even here in the blogosphere. Already I am questioning the sorts of things I should write about. It’s a distasteful way to be, but unfortunately quite human. The only thing I believe that has helped to stop me from conforming is that I truly am coming to value what I am in a more pure state. In a way this knowledge makes me kind of fortunate, it provides me a kind of necessary gravity so I will at least be conscious when I am being pulled into a mass larger than myself.

    Don’t worry about me. I am so happy you are painting and away from the blog. It’s a good thing. i think.

    • It’s only temporary while I need to get all this done, I also have some assignment to do that’s an entry requirement for art college that needs to be done. There’s so much to do in so little time! It’s also a good thing to blog, it really is somewhat therapeutic. I could spend all day doing this quite happily :>!

      I don’t really care if she doesn’t, I kind of feel that if she was so prepared to throw me away, we were probably never really friends and she probably secretly always yearned to be that way. If it makes her happy, honestly, then good for her. Yes you’re right, it is unfortunately very human, considering that we’re social animals and all. I’m glad you value yourself that way, you have no reason not to: you’re a wonderful person right down to the core :D.

      Knowledge is power~

  3. great post..about time someone said something about todays women! being covered, respected, and treated well…why do they not want that anymore???

    once again props…great post!

    • I know D: what’s so bad about being treated with care and delicacy :/. I guess that I’l like to be treated as an intellectual equal but I’d rather take the care and being treasured, I think. This is what I hate about feminism, it’s our own fault we’re treated so badly (in some cases). Especially considering how rowdy and irritating women can be (and mostly are, in my experience), we really have it coming. :>

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