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Ear Blushing


I am very jealous of people who blush through their cheeks.

Basically, I’m ridiculously socially awkward and will blush at pretty much anything. Like, things that I don’t even find embarrassing or uncomfortable, which makes it embarrassing and uncomfortable. What I just don’t understand is why my face has to blush in such an unfortunate way. Usually, it’s only my ears that go red, which is really weird.

I’ve never known this to happen to anyone else apart from Ron in the Harry Potter books (it doesn’t draw attention to it in the films, but it does actually say in the book that his ears go red ‘under pressure’ which is basically what happens to me. The only reason I remember this is because when I read it all those years ago, I was pretty much like, ‘I’M NOT ALONE ANYMORE’), great.

It’s either this, or my whole face becomes a nice¬†vermilion.

I don’t even know why this happens.

Maybe I’ll just wear a bag over my face for the rest of my life, or something like that…


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