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Stolen Broccoli


On the rare occasions that I have a bit of money, I buy food that I actually want to eat. This is because I basically moved in with my boyfriend and his family (we don’t yet have our own place) and all they/we eat is basically microwave meals and take-aways. I was fine with this until I realised that I had become fat and wasn’t happy (I think that eating unhealthily also affects brain chemicals and hormones and shit like that. I don’t really know but I’m just guessing; ergo my theory is that if you don’t eat healthily, your mood won’t exactly be tip-top). I love making vegetable soup and eating fruit – back home, I would literally eat all the fruit in the house in the space of a day, good times – so I tend to buy vegetables and fruit and yoghurt and wholemeal flour (because white bread is really bad for you and I love making my own bread) and stuff like that. I’ve used so many parentheses, wow.

So I went to the Co-op the other night and found a pleasing array of items in the bargain bin, including some really reduced broccoli, which happens to be one of my favourite foods, especially if it’s reduced.

There was already some broccoli in the fridge but the one I bought actually was a two-in-one sort of thing and it was only thirty pence so I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to buy. I purchased and bundled it lovingly home, where I left it to chill (pun intended) in the fridge with its veggie buddies.

I returned a few days later to find all three broccoli still untouched.

I returned again, that night, to find only one left.

I still don’t know where they went or who ate them (or how), but it really pissed me off.


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  1. OMG! Those drawings are so cute! 🙂

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