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I guess it just looked like fun


I did a take on the whole ‘what’s in my bag’ post because I’ve seen quite a few, thought they were interesting and it was an excuse to use my long-lost but found again digital camera. I don’t really carry much in my bag so I did a ‘what’s in my drawer’ instead. The brown jumper (right) is actually the one that I depict myself wearing in my drawings.

This was pretty much the contents of my art box. Some paints, some brushes and some disposables that I’ve been meaning to develop for quite a while. The black case is for my digital camera and the notebook (which was a present) is my sort of ‘life book’ that I just write anything down in. At the moment, I’m using it for recipes, but there’s travel notes in there from when I went to Orkney and loads of stuff.

I feel audacious posting this, I don’t really expect anyone to care, I just did it because (as I said) it looked like fun. I think I’ll stick to my drawings…



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  1. Haha this is cool!

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