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I’m really clumsy (I always want to spell it clumbsy) and have a tendency to fall over a lot. I’ve been tidying up for the past few days and I’m nearly done, but there are still a few bits and bobs lying about on the bedroom floor that I haven’t yet sorted. One particular article caused me great injury about an hour ago:

I was just crossing from one end of the room to the other, as you do, when I became aware of an impending tumble (when you’re about to fall over for no apparent reason, you can usually sense it just before it actually happens). In an attempt to steady myself I took a few steps back and felt a great surge of pain as I impaled my foot on a broken ringbinder.

For those of you who aren’t aware, poor-quality ringbinders have a tendency to break and when they do, they become deadly. The metal rings are very sharp and lethal when not connected.

Naturally, I’ve felt worse pain, but having something stuck right in your foot that you have to wrench out (especially if it’s kind of curved) is certainly less than enjoyable.

There was a lot of blood.

I really hope it gives me some awesome, huge black bruise on the underside of my foot – that would be cool, at least.


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  1. Haha your posts are cute. +followed.

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