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Thieves Strike Again


This is a very similar story to the previous broccoli post (I’m still annoyed at what happened).

Basically, when we were at the Co-op, Luke bought four yoghurts – two for each of us. I love cherry yoghurts, so naturally, this was the flavour of choice.

When we got back home, I ate one even though I didn’t really feel like eating it at that time and saved the other one until later.

Everyone in the house knew it was mine and knew I was saving it.

A few days later while babysitting (against my will), I returned to the fridge, eagerly anticipating my yoghurt – trust me when I say that the thought of eating it was pretty much the only thing keeping me going at that time – only to find that it had gone.

This pretty much send me into a manic despair.

I was really pissed off because of how much I’d been looking forward to it how and everyone knew that I was saving it especially for a time like this. It was also because Luke actually bought them for me and they’re pretty expensive (we never usually have much money at all).

I eventually finally found out that it was Luke’s mother who was the guilty culprit. This annoyed me even more because I had actually offered her one when we initially brought them home, and she had politely declined. When confronted, she retorted with ‘LOL you shouldn’t leave one of those lying around with me here, I LUV cherry yoghurts!’

I wasn’t at all amused.


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