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Characters – Advice/Criticism?


This was pretty much an excuse for me to try out Photoshop as I haven’t had it on this laptop until yesterday.

I’ve always wanted to make my own manga or comic book and never really got round to it. I did all the character designs and a plot outline and everything. These are my two main characters: Ayaka (left) and Akira (right). You may notice that they look identical in terms of face and body shape. While this is partly because it’s handy to just be able to copy and paste, it’s also because their likeliness to each other is part of the story, ergo, intentional.

But here’s the problem: I don’t really know which eyes to stick with. I like the above; however I feel like they look really… raw. Like, the top is too thin or they aren’t dark enough or don’t have enough detail. I’m not really sure. So I edited the picture (below). I’d really like some constructive criticism. Which ones do you prefer (also, lips or no lips)?



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  1. impressive work!

  2. I like the eyes on the bottom picture. Nice drawing btw! The only thing I would suggest changing is the curve under the boobs? It just looks like they’re sagging pretty low.

  3. YOU KNOW WHO permalink

    If you combine both of their hairstyles, you get Ema Skye from Phoenix Wright!

    • Aaw I’ve never even played Phoenix Wright and it already looks like I’m copying their art, nice as it is

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