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Wild KITTY appeared!


Basically, I was walking in the street when the cutest kitten I’ve ever seen passes by me. After checking to see that no-one was looking, I beckoned it to me so that I could stroke it (stroke da pusseh lololol). It responded and started to approach me until, about a foot away from me, it sniffed and turned tail. I felt very unwanted.

…I think it only had one eye.

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  1. haha! I had just the opposite happen to me today. This little kitten would not stop following me. It had a collar so it belonged to someone. I was afraid the owner might show up and think I was trying to steal it or something. I was saved when I bunch of little girls came and it ran off to them. Was relieved that the cat wasn’t following me anymore, but sad that the cat had such fickle love and would just follow anyone. I was beginning to think it was following me because I was special. ha

    • Ah I had that awkwardness when I was beckoning the cat in my comic, thinking that its owner might think I was trying to catnap it, I mean ahah :> Ah, cats are fickle creatures: they only want to be cuddled and loved on their terms and will turn up their nose at you otherwise – at least, this is my experience with cats I’m more of a dog person, myself!

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