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Reminded of Pumpkin Bitterness


I just realised suddenly that I am still bitter over the fact that I didn’t buy or carve a single pumpkin this year. The day before Halloween, I actually went to two different ASDAs (I couldn’t be arsed walking all the way to Tesco) to find that they had sold out. The shop assistants told me that they wouldn’t have any more tomorrow and I just thought, ‘you clearly have some in store, you aren’t going to have a whole truckload delivered tomorrow. Why can’t you just get some more out? You’ll probably make more sales tonight than tomorrow, anyway!’

You see, I am still slightly resentful because I was just reminded of all the plans I had: pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin jam, pumpkin pie, pumpkin soup, pumpkin scones, pumpkin carving – pumpkin goodness galore!

I even went back to the stores after Halloween in desperate search of pumpkins, but to no avail. I did find pumpkin seeds, but they were all dried out and intended to be eaten. I didn’t expect that they would grow and therefore didn’t purchase them.

Despite my pumpkin-related plight, I shall not give up – even in the face of such adversity!

I’ll buy some seeds online, grow my own pumpkins and make all of the above – maybe more!



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    i like!

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