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Christmas Crisis


All these festive posts had really been annoying me until I realised that it’s almost late November (once you hit the 20th, it is officially the latter part of the month) and there isn’t as much time left until Christmas as I had previously anticipated.

Now, for someone who’s unemployed, not in education and has moved out of their parents’ house meaning they have no income/money at all, Christmas can be a realΒ pain. Especially if everyone you know is basically loaded and wants to buy you presents.


So what will be the solution, make everyone something? I would love to just paint everyone pictures, but I feel that’s very audacious – like, you expect them to think your work is really good because you thought it was present-worthy, if that makes sense.

I could search for pennies in the street and save up (you’d be surprised at how much money is just lying around).

I could flee the country and not return until way into the new year.

I could fake illness and therefore claim that I simply was not well enough to go out and shop for everyone.

I can’t say that any of these solutions are sounding particularly attractive.

I guess I will just make everyone gifts…


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  1. I hate Christmas!

    • I like the build-up, but the day itself is a let down. Christmas wasn’t really good since I was a child :<

  2. Christmas gifting should not be seen as an obligation–make your gifts, and ENJOY making them. Find neat old frames to put your art in at resale shops or flea markets. I do think that Christmas is difficult for the young (20s–not children) and the old.

    • Yeah, it is difficult :> I love making gifts for people πŸ˜€ but I feel that if I made someone something and gave it them as a Christmas present, it would convey the impression that I thought that what I had done was really good and that they should have it on display in their homes or something. I can’t really explain it. I think I’m just too awkward like that ahaha. The frames are a good idea! I never thought framing my pieces or anything :> Thank you~

  3. I have an artist friend that this describes PERFECTLY. I guess it’s probably true of most young artists in general?

    FWiW, most of us love getting handmade gifties from our friends/family that are artistically inclined. πŸ™‚

  4. Make the gifts, are you kidding. They’re treasure them forever!!!!!

    • I suppose πŸ˜€ My sister actually asked me to paint a picture of her and her boyfriend so I guess that’s sorted ahah!

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