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A Pointless Post about Milk


I love milk, and whenever I’m eating something sweet,  I have a tendency to dunk it right in a glass of it.

I think this isn’t that weird considering it’s not dissimilar to the dipping of a biscuit into a cup of tea, which is a rather common occurring.

I would like to point out that I was dunking Oreos in milk long before the advertising campaign (ultimate hipster, sarcastically).

Articles that I would ordinarily submerge in milk include:



Bananas (I mean chopped up pieces of banana or a whole banana – not several whole bananas at once!)



Jaffa Cakes




Lemon Curd

Nutella/chocolate paste

The list goes on…

This post was slightly pointless, but I’m glad I got that off my chest!

I’d love to know if anyone else also dips things in milk on a regular basis, or if it really is just me.


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  1. your caricature of yourself is very cute! Really helps get your emotions across as you read the post.

  2. Thank you very much :> I’m glad that they actually serve a purpose ahah!

  3. Your pictures of yourself are great. I love the idea of a post just about dunking food in milk. I wish I could draw. You’re so luckeee (said with the voice of Napoleon Dynamite)

    • What are you talking about? All the pictures on your blog are just as good, if not better 😀 genuinely! AND you have awesome photography which makes you a billion times luckier/more talented :>

      • We’ll just have to agree to disagree:). I think I may actually worship artists. Drawing is so mysterious to me. Just be grateful for your mad skills, because they make the world so much better than it was before. BTW, were you being funny, you know, calling yourself a misanthrope? You don’t strike me as such. You’re one of the kindest people I’ve met while blogging.

      • Ahah thank you but I wasn’t kidding, sadly. It’s weird, online it’s different. I just find people OK on the internet because they don’t do dicky things and are actually pleasant to talk with, but in real life, just walking around and seeing the way people behave and the things they say, it just makes me so angry D: It’s weird ahah

  4. I just LOVE your artwork! It makes me gush 🙂
    By the way I totally do the cake thing too, except I put it in a bowl and drown it in milk like it’s cereal. Yum.

  5. I’m happy you’ve found fewer people behaving badly online. That’s a good thing, huh? Your art reminds me of that Beatles line, “The love we take is equal to the love we make.” Your art brings the good to you. This morning as the wind and ran was buffeting my house I thought a lot about this provocative word – misanthrope. There’s an oddly liberating quality to it. Over the years I’ve found there are certain settings that seem to heighten my feelings of dislike or even hatred for others. Any place where people are packed like sardines into a unified value are bad for me, unless it’s an under-represented value, like world peace or something.

    • Ah, I love the sound of rain falling against windows – or any surface on which it makes a noise loud enough to hear, like when you’re in a car with the engine off and a downpour suddenly decides to occur. I completely agree, like when you’re waiting for a met or something and the station is crammed or when the streets are so busy you struggle to walk without stepping on someone. Back when I was at college, just sitting in the crowded common room with my friends, we’d be forced to listen to the onslaught of shrieks and screams delivered by our classmates. We hated them all. It’s that people egg each other on to be so misbehaved, when some of them would usually be alright. It’s horrible that people are so easily changeable. D:

      • “We hated them all” …. I love your honesty. It makes me smile. I know what you mean about the sadness of human mutability. Like damn, can you hold still and stay you for more than two minutes. Do you ever read graphic novels? I’ve read some you might enjoy, Ghost World, by Daniel Clowes (they made a movie of it too, but the book is great). It reminds me of this thread a little, the main character is an 18yo misanthrope, she’s great. She’s friends with a pretty girl she can boss around. It’s about how the two girls feel about their place in the world.

      • Yeah it is sad D: there’s no point not being honest ahah :>. I’ve read manga graphic novels, I’m a pretty big fan of them. I haven’t heard of that one but I looked it up and it’s definitely something I could get into. I’ll have to find myself a copy 😀 Thanks~

  6. A few corrections to the above post; I meant “rain” not “ran”, and “is bad” not “are bad”. Beatles needed an apostrophe :0.

  7. Mary permalink

    Your caricatures are great! : )))) but they have too sad eyes :/
    P.S. I hate milk since childhood :PP

    • I think I have quite sad eyes ahah so it fits :> Thank you for saying so! Ah, I always loved milk! Back in school when we used to get given milk at breaks and stuff, everyone would just give it to me because I was the only person who actually liked it (although admittedly, school milk wasn’t that great compared to normal milk…)!

  8. Mary permalink

    Carton milk is better, newly milked milk has unbearable smell 😀

  9. I can’t say I’ve ever been able to smell that ahaha :> my only qualm with milk is if it goes sour and you weren’t aware of it. That’s vile. Also, I love How I Met Your Mother! I don’t really watch it because I don’t really watch television, but if I am doing and I do watch it, I really enjoy it ahah 😀 He’s a funny guy :>

  10. Mary permalink

    he’s cool ❤
    LOL I've even milked the cow and made butter by myself
    True story ;P

    • I haven’t made butter but I’ve milked cows. I grew up on a farm so yeah :> I imagine that making butter would be difficult D:

  11. Mary permalink

    Yes, It requires a great deal of patience which I have always lacked 😀 😀

    • I suppose, but not as much as you’d expect. I wouldn’t say I was a particularly patient person :>

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