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I Just Needed Practise


I’m embarrassed at how bad this is. The DVD cover of Atonement was the only thing that I had available at the time to practise my drawing that was remotely interesting. I know it isn’t very good and doesn’t really look like her, but the more I practise, the better I’ll get – hopefully.



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  1. You’d be amazed at how much better you can get just by practicing. You definitely have natural talent, just gotta keep working at it. 😀 I remember a dude I went to college with. He sucked at drawing freshman year. His gf broke up with him and that summer break he drew for three months straight, came back to school and was the best artist on our entire campus, not just our year! And now he’s making comic books. Crazy.

    • That’s such an inspiring story, good for him (that’s not meant sarcastically ahah) :> I’ll keep at it for sure 😀 Thank you~

  2. This is so cool

  3. you are on right way. hang on!

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