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MS Paint


The Windows 7 version of Paint really grinds my gears.

While in many aspects it is better than the old version used on Vista (and earlier) – such as the crayon tool and other new brushes – I just don’t feel that these new features make up for its many flaws.

Let’s start with the brushes:

I really do like the thought behind the new additions, but I find that when you actually use them they’re pretty annoying. This is mainly because of the fact that when you try to go over your strokes, they either overlap in an annoying way, or end in some weird line when they’re supposed to fade:

The crayon tool is nice – no complaints there; the spraypaint is just dire, but always has been; The brush tool below that is nice when you do a single stroke, but when you double back on yourself to go over what you just did, it makes some hideous straight line instead of fading out (see how on the left it’s all nice and faded, but the right is just a gross straight?); the marker’s overlap is just terrible and the final brush’s overlap and fade is just as bad as the above.

Also, there’s some weird Flash-like autocorrect thing going on with the strokes. It’s really subtle and I don’t really have a problem with it when it comes to drawing, but when it comes to erasing a solid block of something, I often find that while it appears all clear, as soon as you release the mouse, the autocorrect reveals microscopic remains of what you supposedly erased, meaning you have to do it again. This is really annoying.

I feel like the brush sizes aren’t actually big enough to begin with. This may just be because I work on a rather large scale, but I think that Microsoft could have given us a bit more leeway in terms of how big our brush strokes can be.

There’s also some weird glitch when it comes to selecting the black in the colour palette: I find that after using a custom colour, you can’t select black unless you click another default colour first. This is weird and inconvenient.

Now, I could cope with all of the above if it wasn’t for this confounding variable: the fill tool.

Old Paint never did this and that’s why it was great (it actually did do this if you were silly and saved files as JPEGs instead of PNGs, but I know all you clever people never made that mistake).

For someone who uses Paint a lot, this fill tool bullshit can be really irritating. The solution for me is to just draw everything in colours and then draw an outline, more or less forgetting the fill tool altogether. has the same problem and is therefore rendered useless as a solution. I may have to switch to Photoshop.

Does anyone else have the same problems? Is it just me who gets this?

I just really would like to know a way around this fill tool problem – bar the obvious ‘get a Mac’ solution…


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  1. Michael permalink

    I love reading your posts. Stay Happy. !!!

  2. Sentimental Asylum permalink

    I hate the fill tool problem- I thought I was the only person experiencing this! I’m interested to see if there is a solution as well…

    • Yeah, it drives me crazy D: I’ve Googled it loads of times but nothing relevant comes up :< Looks like we'll have to suffer! Waah!

  3. don’t worry – be happy

  4. Oh, my shaky drawings are a testament to this! 😡

    Nice post!

    (p.s. – your “facepalm” comment was spot-on. Someone had to say it! Ha.)

    • Oh I know ahaha. It was a slight fail on their part :>. Your drawings aren’t at all shaky, I love them 😀 Keep up the good work~!

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