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I just can’t understand how people can think these adorable bird-folk are vermin.

vermin plural of ver·min (Noun)

  1. Wild mammals and birds that are believed to be harmful to crops, farm animals, or game, or that carry disease, e.g., foxes, rodents, and…
  2. Parasitic worms or insects.
For a start, pigeons don’t carry any disease that’s harmful to humans. The only way a pigeon can pass a harmful disease ( Histoplasmosis) to a human is through a mould that can grow in its faeces.
They may be large in number, but as are we. Actually, if you think about it (although, this has always been the obvious case to me) humans are more vermin than pigeons are: we are harmful to crops, large and in cases uncontrollable in number, carry diseases and we even have parasites.
I love pigeons. I do. Can’t you just imagine them in adorable top hats and other such garments? What’s disgusting about that?
I always feel sorry for those fallen victim to a gammy toe or some other ailment. I try to give them as much food as possible, but always feel terrible when some big burly pigeon decides to beef on up and bully the decrepit bird away.
When I try to follow the poor gammy pigeon, it is to no avail as at this convenient moment in time, another hundred birds flock around me, all hoping for a share of my small meat and potato pasty.
I guess next time I buy food, I should accommodate for the needs of the pigeons.

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  1. I love the pigeon in the top hat! 🙂 I think they are a little less disgusting now.

  2. eldinsmille permalink

    spread the bread

  3. Awesome. A Blog post devoted to pigeons, so cool. Great drawings too. Many years ago I wrote a short story entitled, you guessed it, “Pigeon.” The main character felt great affinity with the poorly regarded street bird.

    • I would love to read it! I do often feel like I am ‘one with the pigeons’ – a humourous concept but true all the same :>

  4. I just read this post again…and laughed at the pigeon dressed like the gentleman. I like anthropomorphic stories, so it appeals to me. Did you see my Hamlet mouse? It’s a taxidermy mouse dressed as Hamlet. My husband gave him to me as a gift because I loved him so much. He’s featured in a silly post I wrote called, “Notes On the Impermanence of love”.
    The pigeon story…I would have to dig through files to find it. It’s probably pretty bad, I recall there was a girl standing in the cold outside a grocery store. She felt sorrowful watching how the pigeons scampered around the mindless automatic doors. I imagine she believed they would be much happier inside the warm store.
    “I do often feel I am one with the pigeons” great line! So, true, right?;).

    • Yes, I just read the post 😀 That Hamlet mouse is incredible! I have always been fond of mice (we must be some sort of friend of the ‘vermin’) and rats for that matter. I always wanted a little pet mouse, but we stuck with rats because they are allegedly more intelligent. That caught mouse in your post was ridiculously adorable! I just wanted to stroke its little ears! The pigeon story sounds good 😀 I bet they would have been happier inside as they could have pilfered the store for all kinds of pigeon-friendly goodies! 😀 Really though, I am super jealous of that mouse!

  5. Have you ever been to Europe, especially Spain or France? They seem to have both pigeons and birds that are similar to pigeons but much larger, fatter, and more dignified looking–it’s quite hilarious

    • Well, I live in the UK which is in Europe ahah 😀 Yes, I’ve been to France but I don’t think I ever saw a pigeon or anything of the like there :

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