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Night-time Street Walking


Where I live, walking home at night can be one of the scariest experiences ever. When I say night, I actually mean early morning between the times of one and four. Now, ordinarily, there’s not much at all to fear; I encounter no-one and nothing actually happens, but there can be some creepy noises and shadows that are enough to freak me out.

What’s strange is that I don’t at all get scared at all walking around the big, ‘dangerous’ city of Manchester at night, but rather one of its small surrounding towns.

Last night, I was walking back to my house from my friend’s and it took me about an hour because I had a really sore foot (I have really bad feet problems, but that’s another story), so I set off at about half one, which isn’t that late but on a week night, late enough for not many people to be around.

It was because of this fact that I wasn’t expecting any encounters as it’s rare that I encounter someone anyway, even on a week-end. This was not the case:

I first encountered three men with their hoods up which is always suspicious when it isn’t cold or rainy, but especially when it’s dark. They were all smoking and burst out into laughter when they saw me from about three hundred metres away. Sadly, they were Pakistani and speaking in a language that I could not understand so I felt very uncomfortable, as you can imagine. When we passed, there was that awkward silence before they continued laughing. It was very disconcerting.

The second encounter involved another group of hooded men. Nothing worth mentioning happened, but it was unsettling all the same.

The third encounter was probably the worst. I could see two men with their hoods up (why does everyone seem to love wearing hoods at night and being all shady?) approaching me slowly from about two hundred metres away. As we were about to pass, I realised that they were going to make me walk between the two of them. This realisation was terrifying, especially considering the slow speed of our paces. As it was happening, all I could think was that there was absolutely nothing stopping them from attacking me: some sort of double-team shank.

Nothing happened, though – of course.

The fourth encounter creeped me out a little bit, too. Just because (this has never happened to my knowledge in Britain, it’s more of an American gangster thing to occur, in my opinion) I always have this strange fear at night when a car drives me: I always think that they could just roll down their window, pull out a pistol or something and shoot me right between the eyes. I would be dead before I even knew it and that’s something horrible (I’m such a psycho that I want to be able to feel my own death. I absolutely do not want to die in my sleep or die instantly or anything like that. It’s such an important event in my life – dying, that is – that I want to be able to experience it; to be aware of it). So basically, this car is driving past me and slows down which automatically freaks me out. Then the driver leans out of the window and watches me for a bit as he drives at my walking speed. I’m just dying at this point. He drove off shortly after, though, and everything was fine.

By the fifth encounter, I was well into the fight or flight response. Pupils dialated, heart rate at an all-time-high. I was done being scared and ready to attack if the situation demanded it.As a man (why are there no other young and vulnerable women at this time… was I the last one left, just waiting to be bundled away and murdered?) approached me, I just threw him a vicious look that just screamed, ‘you fucking come near me, I will fucking bite your dick off’. I think he felt a bit intimidated as he soon looked away and went hurriedly on his way.

So far, nothing bad has ever happened to me on the terrifying walk back from her house. I’m surprised I’m not used to it by now. Once, a man tried to get me to go back to his place ‘for drinks’. He asked me how old I was and I lied and said that I was sixteen to make it sound like I was below the drinking age – still a child. He soon left me alone.

To conclude, walking around in the early hours while it’s still dark when no-one is around (at least where I live) can be really scary. My heart beats so fast all the while. But when I finally reach my destination, I’m so relieved and thankful to be home that it’s all OK again.



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  1. If you have to be out there at those hours I’d suggest a self defense class. Love your drawings.

  2. Girl, I was having the fight or flight response just reading your post. Please be safe, because I’m becoming a fan of your drawings, and am already imagining myself pursing my lips and thinking about what I’m going to say about your when you hit the big time. I’ll be all, hey folks, I knew Olletron back when she had foot problems and and the most maddening death wish.

  3. sorry again for the errors, I read my comments, but the errors are invisibile, that is until I hit the post button….arggggg.

    • I get that, too! Your writing looks fine, hit post and there’s some gross mistake just staring you in the face! I think it must be the computer trolling us ahaha :>. I’m so touched that you like my posts; however I don’t think I’ll ever make it ‘big time’, I don’t really care either way, it’s just something that I enjoy :> also, I will always have foot problems and a crazy death wish ahaha! 😀

  4. Now you’ve got me worried for you walking around late at night with all those hooded men out and about.

  5. I always read your posts when they come out. Nice job! And I agree with your above comment…Get a Bicycle!

    • Thank you for your support! My posts genuinely aren’t half as interesting as yours though, I could just look at them for hours! I think I really will invest in one; it would make my life so much easier ahaha :>

  6. Why didn’t you called Winchester Bros (Supernatural)?i’m just kidding 😀

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