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I have never been stung by a bee or a wasp and I don’t plan on being victimised any time soon. I think that to be stung by a bee, you must deserve it, but wasps are just plain nasty and will attack anyone.

I remember being sat in the garden revising for my upcoming exams – enjoying the lovely weather – when a barrage of wasps would infiltrate the territory, rendering me helpless and forcing me inside.

While I wouldn’t say that I was afraid of wasps, it recently occurred to me that since I’ve gone eighteen years sting-free, my time must be drawing near.

Thankfully, the wasps shan’t be back until the summer.

In any case, as the title suggests, I would like to dedicate this post to our friends, the bees.

Bees are great for all kinds of reasons but I’m only going to touch on a few (what I really mean is that I presume that bees are great for all kinds of reasons, but can only think of/am only aware of a few):

Obviously, bees produce honey (I should mention that I love dunking spoonfuls of honey in milk and I failed to mention this in my post about milk because I only just thought of this, but it’s not that uncommon because I’m sure there’s a song lyric that says something about ‘milk and honey’, I don’t know). Honey is great with milk, on toast, in desserts; there are many ways to use honey!

Beeswax is another great product of the bee. It can be used to polish things, it can be used to make petroleum jelly and moisturisers and it can also be made into candles (I love candles).

The most important thing of all about the bee its crucial role in pollination. Basically, without bees, we would all die. This is somewhat frightening when one considers the fact that the bees are all ‘disappearing’ and they’re becoming a lot less common. Poor bees.

Finally, bees are just so cute. They’re flying bundles of fuzz and I see no reason whatsoever to be afraid of them. There’s nothing scary about them. In fact, I always imagine them to be so shy.

I actually wrote this whole post because I wanted to draw that picture.


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  1. I so agree, if you get stung by a bee, you somehow provoked it. (like stepped on it) That’s why I get so frustrated when girls scream and panic when a bee just buzzes by. The more you wave and smack the more it will think you want to kill it! silly…
    But I’ve never been stung by a wasp, and I fear it like crazy! They are mean! I run a mile when i see one!

    • Ahaha exactly! They are cruel creatures! Back when I was at school though, if a wasp ever flew into the classroom through an open window, everyone would go CRAZY and it would really annoy me. It’d just be like, there are so many of us it probably won’t bother to single one of us out, just shut up. Ahahah 😀

  2. Michael permalink

    Have a blissful Thanksgiving. !!!

  3. So simple, so elegant. I love your writing voice.
    Of course you love bees. Don’t worry too much about a possible sting, I just lived through one this past summer. It wasn’t too bad. Not nearly as scary as walking after midnight past a handful of random strangers in hoodies. I’ve been obsessed (are you surprised) with a charcoal bee study I saw over the summer, by an artist named April Coppini, in Portland, Oregon, and regretting I didn’t skip all my meals for that day just to buy it (I was visiting). It was only $50!

    • You should have bought it! I could literally decorate my whole home with bee art :> My writing isn’t that great, I pretty much write how I speak ahaha. I imagine being stung to be awful; a close friend of mine had a wasp infestation in her home and was stung a lot asdfgh. Bees are great though 😀

  4. Bees only attack if they are attacked in turn. The wasps are territorial and then sting. 🙂

  5. Ahahah… then sting you too! 🙂

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