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The Light Bulb Poltergeist


One of my largest fears was realised today.

I always think to myself when I’m alone in a room (particularly when I’ve been thinking too much and have freaked myself out about ghosts or something), ‘what would I actually do right now if my light bulb just went out for no reason?’ I mean, it would be terrifying because naturally, there would  have to have been some supernatural force behind it. There’s no way it could just have been the bulb reaching the end of its life-span. No way. Definitely ghosts.

Luke and I were in our room this evening (after dark) and were having an innocent conversation when we fell victim to The Light Bulb Poltergeist:

At first, the Light merely flickered – subtly at first so that we hardly realised that it wasn’t just us blinking, but then violently.

It’s a good thing that neither of us have epilepsy.

No offence to people who do suffer from epileptic fits. I have no idea what it’s like; this is probably not accurate.

SIDE NOTE: I accidentally made something pretty cool when I was trying to make the above picture:

Then the light went out completely.

Now, in my experience, when light bulbs expire, they go out with some sort of quiet noise or fizzle. Not exactly a bang, but they tend to audibly celebrate their existence just before it passes. There was none of this – it was as if someone had silently turned off the light – and that was an indication that the poor bulb had been taken by surprise – assassinated – and was not able to say its final goodbyes.

(I did actually Google the Italian to ensure that it was correct, but if it isn’t, I admit my mistake and apologise)

We have a sort of glass casing on our ceiling in which the bulb is concealed. To change the bulb you (annoyingly) have to unscrew the fixture. I was not aware of this because we use energy-saving light bulbs – the one that we had commendably lasted us a year – so I was under the impression that one only needed to turn the glass casing and it would twist off; however it is actually screwed right in. The creepy part is that when I was fumbling about with it, trying to twist it off, the light actually came back on.

Five minutes later (if that), it was back off again.

There are definitely paranormal forces at work.

We still haven’t changed the bulb – we didn’t want to risk angering the beast.

He wasn’t supposed to look that cute…

Sorry for the inconsistency between a poltergeist and a beast, by the way. I feel this is justified by the fact that we don’t know what it is, so it could be either. Besides, ‘The Light Bulb Beast’ just doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, don’t you agree?


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  1. Hahaha! I love how you are able to take these little things that happen through out your day and make a very interesting post out of it. And your pictures in this post are really funny. Love the light bulb assassin and the cute beast.

    • Thank you 😀 I think if that beast was actually respinsible for the incident, I would welcome it with open arms. He looks as if he would be nice to snuggle up to… :>

  2. Ok. You and your guy aren like the cutest couple on the frickin’ planet. I mean it. And what the gentleman above said is true, you have a gift for slice of life. I just sat here at my kitchen table laughing and laughing, so happy. I wish all blogs were as good as this one, sadly, they are not.

    • Thank you for your kind words! I don’t think we’re that cute ahaha, we’re pretty weird :> I’m so glad that my posts make you laugh, I really thought this post was a bit of a fail, to be honest. I’m always touched by your words, thanks again :>!

  3. Sentimental Asylum permalink

    You’re awesome and so was this post.

  4. eldinsmille permalink

    your posts are so interesting. well done!

    • Ahah, they’re not that interesting really, just dumb stuff that happens to me :> Thank you, though, I’m glad that you think so :>!

      • eldinsmille permalink

        I do! I really think that your post are interesting!

  5. I hope it’s not some kind of lightbulb conspiracy.

  6. Haha The Beast for some reason reminded me of the cockamouse on How I Met Your Mother. Do you get that show in England? XP

    Nice post. Got me giggling. And strangely, my lights flickered a bunch tonight too! No assassinations, but still weirdly coincidental.

    • Ah, I haven’t seen The Cockamouse before but I just Googled it and I can see what you mean! Maybe it is in fact real and was responsible for this occurrance. We do get that show here 😀 I don’t really watch it, but I’ve enjoyed what I’ve seen (I don’t really watch much television at all). I’m glad you enjoyed my post, thank you! That’s scary, and weirdly coincidental!

  7. you’re raving mad and…adorable 😀

    • Ahah thank you :> I’m really not that adorable though! Mad, perhaps, but that’s another story… :>

  8. Hi, Becky. A gift for you on my blog 🙂

    • Wow, I am really speechless, Antonio! Thank you SO much! If there are words that can express my awe and gratitude, I regret that I do not possess them; all the same, I really am dumb-struck! 😀

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