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Owl Painting


I really enjoyed painting this. I don’t feel that the photographs do it justice as the flash on my camera combined with the  light in the room just wasn’t great at all.


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  1. The yellow that you chose for the eye color is PERFECT. Spot on and great painting!

    • Thank you 😀 I agonised over the eyes. I’m so relieved and glad that you like them :>

  2. Michael permalink

    I am delighted to see this. Great piece Olle……. Love it. And have a great day ahead.!!!

  3. Love this! So expressive and I adore owls.

    • Thanks :>! I love owls too! I remember a time when I was afraid of them after watching The Fourth Kind, but they really are lovely little birds.

  4. LOVE! I just got 3 little owls tattooed on me hehehe
    He looks a bit spooky!

    • Oh wow, I don’t think I’d ever get a tattoo, but if I did, owls would be perfect! I’m rather jealous 😀 I guess he is a bit spooky, what with the piercing eyes and all… Ah well :>

  5. Pretty 🙂 And I agree, the eyes are perfect.

  6. Beautifully! The eyes are exquisite!

    • I don’t think they’re quite worthy of being called ‘exquisite’ ahaha, but thank you :>

  7. You’re getting a lot better at painting, Teamsy.

  8. Good, Rebecca. I love it. (after 5 days in my absence now i’ve 124 e-mail to see… HEEEELP!)

    • Thanks 😀 Augh, that’s awful! I hate sifting through e-mails, it’s so tedious! Good luck!

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