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I set myself challenges so often that it borders on the ridiculous. Their power is absolute. Allow me to present you with a typical situation in which I would challenge myself:

The challenge system states that if a certain action is not committed before another action, a consequence (chosen by the challenger) will be put into effect.

To put it in more scientific terms, think of the challenger’s action as the independent variable, the action that is trying to be beaten as the dependent variable and the consequence as the control variable.

The dependent variable  can be anything. It doesn’t have to be something that another person is doing.

The consequence (or control variable) can also be anything but no-matter what happens, it is absolute and its effects cannot be altered (meaning that if one fails their challenge, there is no way of escaping the consequence).

The power of the challenge is formidable indeed.

By the way, Luke is under the impression that he should be drawn this way:

He also seems to be under the impression that he has a beard.


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  1. This is hilarious! Is Luke also under the impression that he has green teeth?

  2. Too cute and too funny. Yours are challenges; mine are neuroses.

  3. I love you flying up the stairs, and thanks again for explaining a bit about science. I always confuse the variables. Don’t let Luke sway your artistic integrity:).

    • Ahah I assure you, I won’t be replacing my design with that monstrosity any time soon. He just said, ‘it’s not a monstrosity; I’ll do an improved version if you want!’ ahahah! Variables was probably the only scientific thing that I ever understood :>

  4. My husband just walked by and asked, “What’s so funny?” I’m starting to feel bad for him.

    • Just let him read the blogs….let him into your amazing world. Isn’t this young lady amazing?

  5. Very Funny! And… Discorcerting. 😀

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