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Professor Hare


Ever since I painted the picture of  The Hare and the Moon, I’ve been thinking a lot about hares.

I was inspired to do this post when I was describing how I thought of them to Patrice (her posts are really interesting and well-written. I often re-read them because they are so thought-provoking. As if this wasn’t enough, she also has an incredible Hamlet mouse!  You can find her work here:

I always imagine that the hare must be a professor of the animal world. Professor Hare would be a literary genius and would school mainly rabbits, but other docile woodland creatures with a passion for learning. His colleague and best friend would be none other than Professor Owl, who he admires and respects for his superior wisdom.

When Professor Hare isn’t lecturing or debating, he enjoys to recline, alone, in his study: he reads eighteenth century literature in his leather armchair which is positioned comfortably in front of his grand fireplace. Professor Hare is partial to pipe-smoking and the occasional brandy.

Professor Hare has a passion for theatre. He enjoys watching his close friend, Hamlet Mouse, perform and never tires of his dramatic skill.

Professor Hare is kind, but serious. There are always sparks of intelligence in his amber eyes. He has a good sense of humour and is of quick wit. He is a role model to his subordinates and his friends.

These pictures took so long to draw. It’s really irritating having to manually draw out all the white lines left by the crappy fill tool.


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  1. I’m a bit partial to this one, Rebecca! 😉
    Enjoying your blog,
    Leslee Hare

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