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As you may remember from an earlier post, Luke and I are blessed with the company of a canine companion, Alice. Naturally, we take her for walks twice a day but before today, we had never quite possessed the courage to let her off the lead properly for the fear that she could run off and get herself into trouble.

Usually, we walk her at ridiculous hours, often between one and three in the morning to ensure that there are no other people around. Luke and I are both very socially awkward and we will do almost anything to avoid coming into close-quarters with other humans.

We always let Alice off the lead inside the enclosed tennis courts that are en route (I hate franglais). While this is great, we always knew that she deserved more: to gambol freely in the idyllic and hyperbolised open grass.


Today, we finally plucked up the courage to let her off the lead out in the open field.

It actually went pretty well.

She ran around the field but remained close enough so that we didn’t worry about the possibility that she could easily take advantage of her new-found freedom and bolt.

Luckily, Luke is actually faster than Alice (unless she was deceiving us for when a time like this came along). We’ve tested this in the tennis court.

I feel like this post is a bit of an anticlimax. Nothing really happened, there were no shenanigans or hikinks  involved: she didn’t run away and we thankfully weren’t forced into some wild goose chase. Had she made a run for it, I would just have sent Luke after her as I can’t run at all.

I guess I made this post because I felt like this was something of a big deal. I’m very proud of her for being so good and I’m also very happy that from now on, we can unleash her and allow her to roam without fear or reproach.

The only regrettable occurrance was that while walking back (bearing in mind, the field is very large and somewhat hilly) I fell over in the mud at the foot of one of the small hills – twice.

*I changed my illustration of Alice firstly because it’s easier to draw her this way. I didn’t put her in the Christmas header because her illustration was simply too much work. I feel bad about that, now… I also changed her design because I think this is much more accurate, just less detailed; you can’t have everything.


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  1. ahahah… It’s good to go for a walk… into MUD… 😉
    what i’d do without you? 😀

  2. I think that is a huge accomplishment. We’ve had our dog for ten years and he has never been in public off of a leash except once by accident (that was a two hour ordeal) which is why he hasn’t been off since. We’ll have to try the tennis courts at 3:00 a.m.

    • Ahahahah! I’d love to hear more about the ordeal! It sounds hilarious, although it probably wasn’t at the time ahah :> The tennis courts are great, especially since it gives you an idea of how much your dog really is prepared to come back to you, knowing that they’re out in the open and all. Try it if you ever get the chance! Ahah :>

  3. Ehi, Becky… if you want your original portrait contact me on my e-mail, i can to send the drawing to your home

  4. I also change routes to avoid walking by people.

  5. Perfect post. Oh my god, people!!!!!! Run! I’m glad you have Alice, she seems like a lovely companion and loyal too.

    • It’s true! Waking past people is so awkward! I’m glad we have her, too. She really brightens the mood and provides an excuse to get out of the house ahah :>.

  6. Nice work… very nice work

  7. eldinsmille permalink

    you last drawing looks so sad!

    • It was a sad moment. Actually, I lie, it was really funny :> I’m thankful that I’m one of those people who can laugh at their clumsiness ahah :>!

  8. We really can’t trust Otis off the lead at all. Whenever we let him off at my grandma’s house in the country, he tries to chase after all the rabbits, and it takes forever to catch him.

    • Ahahahahahah! That sounds so funny! Don’t you even let him off at the beach? Though I suppose he might get excited by the other people and run off towards them. I can’t believe how adorable Otis is!

      • Dad did that once, and he chased a boy with special needs and a dog phobia around. D: He never took him to the beach after that.

      • I shouldn’t laugh but that’s really very funny! That’s a shame that he never took him back. I bet that boy never went to that beach again either :> .

  9. Your posts are always so amusing, and the muddy you looks very cute. It’s probably nice for Alice to be able to run free sometimes.

    • Thanks :> Yeah, Luke and I feel a lot better that we can let her off, and she looks so much happier! It’s a nice thing for everyone :D.

  10. Sentimental Asylum permalink

    I’m way too scared to let my dog off the leash, because she’s soo fast and I worry I won’t catch her.
    And like you, I hate seeing other people when I walk her. I always have to plan these walks around a time where there won’t be as many people, and when I do still see someone (kind of inevitable for me) I get a little angry at them. Then I have to think of an escape route so I don’t have to pass by them…
    Congrats on the success, then. And thank you for the relatable posts.

    • Ahah thanks and you’re welcome. We do that, too. I mean, we go deliberately when we assume there won’t be anyone else. It’s pretty annoying when there is. Earlier, it was coming up to five in the morning and there was a man walking through with an umbrella that obstructed his view so that he couldn’t see us. Luckily, I grabbed Alice and put her back on the lead before she got all excited and ran off, but I think – because there wasn’t anyoen else around – she must have felt a bit threatened by his presence because she began to bark at him, which she’s never done at strangers before. He was rather surprised (as he hadn’t previously known we were there) which was amusing :>!

  11. Love it!!!!!!!

  12. alice is cute either way!

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