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The Favourite Spoon


Luke’s favourite spoon was actually in the drawer today. This came as a surprise because usually, someone else beats him to it.

Upon opening the drawer (we were about to eat cereal for which we needed spoons), my immediate response when seeing the culinary utensil was to acquire it as fast as I could, before Luke got a hold of it. I guess I just thought it would be funny to torment him by using it to eat with in front of him which is, admittedly, very cruel but all in good humour.

This was what happened:

It wasn’t actually that violent. Really, it was more of a thumb war.


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  1. You make me laugh so hard! 😀

  2. Hate to think what would happen with his favorite knife.

    • He thankfully doesn’t have one (that I know of – maybe he just hasn’t told me in order to prevent a similar event but with bloody consequences occurring) :>.

  3. I used to have a favourite spoon…until it was in the sink when the garbage disposal was turned on. After that it was no longer my favourite because I’m not a fan of sharp, jaggedy pieces of metal poking my lips. 😦

    • Ah, I’m not a fan of that. I wouldn’t want everything to taste of blood either. I’m surprised a garbage disposal could do that to a spoon, how scary D:

  4. You two are my favorite couple ever.

  5. Ok, from now on… Luke is Spoonman. 😀

    (Feel the rhythm with your hands
    Steal the rhythm while you can, spoonman)

  6. Brilliant, olletron. Next time he gets it first, you must tell him to fork it over. : )

  7. Ahahaha! Not only do your posts make me laugh! But so do the comments afterward! Awesome Soundgarden plug too :). I have a few fav utensils myself… For some reason food just tastes better when it’s on a fork with a diamond cutout in the middle of it… Perhaps it’s just my inner Marlyn Monroe aching to get out 😉

    • That fork sounds divine! I love Marilyn Monroe, that hair, that grace – everything. I was once told by my English teacher that I reminder her of her (as in I reminded my teacher of Marilyn); I was just like SCORE. ahahaha 😀 I agree though, eating food with nice cutlery just makes it that much more enjoyable.

  8. Utensils are grand.

  9. eldinsmille permalink

    so funny.
    you make me laugh!


  10. Ah, my kids always have battles over things like this. Also with who sits where!
    So I’ve made them a seating plan lol, in the morning, one chooses first where they sit, and in the evening for dinner, the other will choose – this has settled many arguments and chair fighting lol.

    Hope it’s ok, I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award 🙂 It’s on my blog x

    • Ahahah that’s definitely a good solution! Maybe Luke and I should take turns with the spoon… I’ll do this when I have children, I hope you don’t mind! I’ll be sure to credit you when I explain the arrangement to them :>. Oh wow, thank you so much! I am truly very touched. I will accept it with honour :D!

  11. LOL its like i was watching a clip…great stuff…im probably going to go through your WHOLE blog. so dont mind all these comments!

    • Oh wow, you don’t have to but I’m very touched! The beginning is a little rough ahah :>

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