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Liebster Blog Award


I’ve never been nominated for anything (apart from when I actually managed to become the form captain – somehow – in year nine) so to me, this is something very important!

Firstly, I would like to give a huge thank you to Lady FairyBread whose blog you can find in the link. I’m a new follower, but from what I’ve seen so far, her posts are a treat and you should give them a read.

She actually did some research into the etymology of the award which I have copied for your convenience:

n. sweetheart, beloved person, darling
adj. dear, darling; beloved, liked very much; affectionate, loving
adj. favorite, preferred above others; liked or loved above others

There are, as you may be aware, rules that come with the acceptance of this award:

  • Firstly, one must thank graciously the blogger who bestowed the reward upon them
  • You must pass on the award to five other bloggers; however, they must have less than or exactly two hundred followers
  • Naturally, you must then let every nominee know that they have been given the award
  • You must display the award on your blog

I’ve aleady thanked the kind person who bestowed this award upon me, but you can never be too grateful (which I am – very much so!) so I will, once again, thank her with all my heart (an appropriate expression considering the nature of the award)!

I’m going to bend the rules (because rules are meant to be broken) and nominate six people in stead of five but I don’t want to be responsible for some blog award outrage so keep it on the down-low, as they say.

Here are the lucky nominees (in no particular order):

The Heartbreak of Invention – her written expression is flawless; she also has great taste in everything!

OccultoAntonio / My Paintings (I linked this second page because it’s how I discovered him and it’s one of my favourites)

Year-struck  – her posts have great wisdom achieved through experience but they’re also incredibly witty!

B.B. Darlington – seriously, her short stories are incredible. There’s nothing bad to say, at all, about them.

Kawashima Designs – he always posts really cool art and things to look at. Also, he produces his own work which is awesome!

Fair Rabbit Art – she paints really cool pictures (they’re genuinely really interesting) but also shares the best work by other artists.

Congratulations to all the winners! I’m sorry if you weren’t nominated, it really is a tough decision (which is evident from the fact that I had to break the rules).

Please check out all the linked blogs and thank you so very much once again, Lady FairyBread!


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  1. Congratulations! You deserve many awards; your blog and artwork are so fun. And I love your choices!!! However, you have been nominated been nominated before:

  2. WOW Thank you so much, Becky, for this one. i’m touched, really. A Big Hug To You 😀

    • Dies completely. I never knew, I feel terrible D:! Wow, this is such a surprise ;__; I’m so honoured 😀 Thank you very much! No wonder I didn’t see it, I thought I was following you and I’m not :/ I always wondered why you commented so much but never posted anything D:

  3. Becky the Star…. yahoooooooooo

  4. When I saw your drawing of you “in a nutshell” I knew you were bound for greatness!

    • I’m glad I put that in! I was originally going to leave it out, what a close call!

  5. Hip hip hooray!!!! Congrats Becky!!! You hands down deserve this! 🙂

  6. Congratulations and thank you for passing it on to meeeeeee 😀 Yaaaay!! xxx

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