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The Accidental Bargain


After the Christmas crisis, I eventually decided that the solution would be to make everyone gifts. With that, I took the little money that I had to town and hunted for cheap canvases, paint and other artistic supplies.

While the brushes and canvases from The Works aren’t the best, they aren’t at all bad and they’re cheap, too.

I was about to pick out some canvases when Luke discovered that there were some that had been reduced hidden away behind the full-price ones. I didn’t hesitate to choose them over the ones that I had initially planned to purchase.

In the end, I bought some paint in addition to the canvases so that in total, the price was somewhere between £15 and £20. It was because of this vague approximate that I didn’t question the amount that I was charged; however, upon closer inspection (Luke actually pointed this out because he was watching the screen that showed how much I was being charged per item – something that I usually do but didn’t as I was feeling pretty awkward that I was holding up a queue) we realised that I had actually been charged full price for the canvasses and the reduction had not been taken into account.

Normally, I would have just let it slide out of awkwardness, but I felt like £5 was a significant enough amount to ask for a refund, particularly since I was – as usual – on a low budget.

It turns out that the cashier simply hadn’t seen the offer as the stickers were supposed to have been removed six weeks prior to my purchase (this is probably why they were hidden) and it was therefore supposed to be void, but since they were still there, the cashier had no choice but to refund me and allow the reduction to stand. She seemed pretty angry about it – not at me, at the incompetence of her colleagues (unless it was actually her fault and she was trying to cover it up).

I kept the receipt as a reminder of my triumph over awkwardness.

I also found some pretty cool mini-canvases at The Works. Not only did I think that they were cute, I also thought that they would make nice gifts as they are the perfect size to put on top of a TV or a mantelpiece or something like that.

I have pretty podgy hands.

The brush in the background is one that I bought on the same trip. It is probably the softest brush I’ve ever owned. I was afraid to use it at first but I did in the end. It thankfully hasn’t lost it’s texture.

As you can see, the canvas isn’t quite in the middle of the easel. This struck fear into my heart when I noticed, after I’d returned home but as you can see in the picture below, you can detach both parts from each other.

I’d also like to point out that I didn’t put on the brown jumper especially to take the photograph (it’s the one that I portray myself wearing under the brown blazer). I was just wearing it because it was cold.

Luke bought a sketchbook because he wants to start drawing. Sadly, we later discovered that it was, in fact, ruled. I accept all the blame for this as I suggested he bought this one because it looked more visually pleasing than the simple flip-pad that he’d picked out. He gave it to me, in the end.

As you can see, the easel does actually stand up and is adjustable. The shelf (I don’t know its official name) isn’t, but what else can you expect for 99p. I think this was a great find.

All three look so lovely together. I haven’t yet decided what to paint on them, I was thinking maybe some fish or something like that. Also, I think I’d have to gift all three as a set because they look so lovely together so the paintings would have to be of a similar subject. Landscapes would be nice, but I can’t say I’m exactly skilled when it comes to scenery or anything of that sort. What do you think?

We also went to some charity shops. I fell in love with the oil pastels, they’re so old and retro. Luke wanted the glass car because he has one that’s very similar; I wanted the white car because it’s just beautiful (although when I showed people, no-one seemed to agree with me, which was rather disappointing).

Sorry about Luke’s hair in the photograph. I only realised afterwards and I was too lazy to take another one.

Also, sorry that this post consists mostly of photographs. I feel as if people will lose interest; I swear that you all only read these for the illustrations!


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  1. Yay for standing up for your discount! I can’t wait to see what you do with the tiny canvasses!

    • Yes, I am very proud of myself, if I may say so! I can’t wait to paint on them, either – It’s all so exciting! It’s just thinking of an idea ahhah :>.

  2. Love a bargain!

  3. Nice finds! And I’m on your side- car looks cool man!

  4. those cavases are so cute that you guys made… very cool idea. i love home made things (that come to be used}

  5. Those cavnases are adorable! I can’t wait to see what you’re sending me; I’m wrapping your presents right now!

    • Your presents are phenomenal 😀 I’m just waiting for them to arrive. I’ve done your painting (I’m not putting it up here because you’ll see it)! I just have to do you a ridiculous tiger card and we’re all good to go~ I’m trying really hard for it to actually be on time this year!

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