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The Night Thieves


NOTE: this actually happened about five days ago; I hadn’t been able to finish the post until today.

For a few days, I had been eyeing up a certain mirror that had been left, apparently discarded, outside someone’s house alongside various other articles that were quite obviously for disposing of.

It was one of those relatively large, round mirrors that had been framed in a large, chunky and somewhat opulent frame that was not dissimilar to the frames that you would see in an art gallery. The gold-painted wood (which I later discovered was just really thick plastic/plaster-type stuff) enticed me immediately and I knew that if it was still there after a couple of days when it was clear that it really had been abandoned, I had to make it mine.

Days passed and outside the house it remained.

Last night (this morning), while walking Alice between four and five, I finally decided that if the mirror was still there, I was going to take it because there was just no way that anyone would leave it outside their house for numerous days – in the rain – unless they didn’t want it. The fact that it was significantly closer to the pavement than the rest of the rubbish screams that they may have even wanted someone to take it off their hands.

The mirror was in fact still there waiting for Luke and I to rescue it. We did so, and stealthily bundled it back home where we left it in the warm kitchen to dry before resuming our walk.

Upon closer inspection, we discovered that the paint was chipped off in many places, thus providing the reason as to why its previous owners may have discarded it. Still, I don’t think it’s anything another coat of paint can’t fix. Even if it cannot be repaired, I don’t mind a few chips here and there, the whole thing is still beautiful. This mirror just serves as another example as to how one man’s junk is another’s treasure and I will treasure it, indeed.

I actually think the mirror would look nice in white. We’ll see.


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  1. Dressing in that way you both look like two ninjas 😀 (5th picture)

    • Ahaha, we do :D. We were both as stealthy as ninjas while it was happening, for sure~!

  2. Lol I’ve done this before lol. I kept walking past several times really wanting this rug and in the end I knocked on the door and asked if I could have it and they said yes 🙂
    It was so heavy too, I had to walk 10 minutes with this thing on my shoulder 😦

    • Ahahahah! That must have been one amazing rug to knock on and ask for it. In retrospect, I wish I was more polite and had manners enough to ask, but I’m so awkward that it was just impossible. Did you have no-one to help you? That’s grim! I admire your strength!

  3. I call the stuff I pick up from the road: Curbside Treasures.

  4. Ninjaaaaaaa! ❤

    • :> I wish we were really ninjas. In the summer we ‘trained’ to be ninjas but gave up after a day ahahahahahah!

  5. you guys actually dressed in disguise??? i LOVE your drawings.

    • Well, the disguises here are slightly exaggerated, but we did wear black hoods and dark clothes, so technically, yes, we did! Ahahahahaha :D!

  6. loving you guys as ninjas 😀

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