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The Sleeping Fox


I painted my sister a fox even though I don’t really like her. Aren’t I kind?

Please let me know what you think, even if it’s a negative opinion.

I wasn’t sure if the face was OK or not.

Any advice or criticism would bevastly appreciated.



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  1. Very Nice! No negative opinion. 😀

  2. I like that…I like the muted colours, it reminds me of those oil paintings on wood you find in old taverns and inns or tucked away in old antique shops…

    • Thank you! That’s kind of what I was going for, my sister’s bedroom has recently been refurbished in an antique/vintage style. I love oil paintings like that.

  3. Nice. Not an art critic; this I would display with pride.

    • Ah, thank you so much :D! I’m very touched by this, really! I do worry that my work isn’t good enough. I hope my sister feels the same way, although if she doesn’t I’ll just be like, ‘fine, I’ll put it in my room instead!’ ahahahah :D.

  4. YOU ARE VERY KIND! that is a great piece of art olletron!

  5. Love it! The way you depicted the hair is fantastic! Great work 🙂

  6. Definitely agree, no negative opinions from me lol!! I definitely love!

  7. I bet your sister will love it. It’s truly enchanting. That’s nice of you to paint her a fox even though you’re not fond of her.

    • I sure hope she does. I think it’s very nice of me, too! Ahahaha at least if she really doesn’t like it I can be like, ‘well, at least I put real effort in and actually made you something!’ 😀

  8. That’s pretty good. How long did it take?

    The face looks ok but it does stand out compared to the body. Presumably this is because you couldn’t do the same brush strokes for both.

    • I think it stands out because of the lighting? It was supposed to be much more far forward than the rest of the body. It didn’t really take that long, I could have spent more time on it. I think it took me about an hour and a half but I wasn’t really thinking about it so maybe it did take me longer and I was just enjoying it so much that it didn’t feel that long at all ahah :>

      • Quite possibly. I am at work now and the picture looks much darker so it may just be the monitor I use at home.

        Did you paint all off the top of your head or did you use a photograph as a reference point? It’s a good painting.

      • I used a photograph for the shape because I’m not very familiar with the anatomy of a fox, but I deviated from it in terms of the fur: I just did what I felt was right, so mostly I used the photograph but a bit of both really ahahah :>.

  9. This is very comforting 🙂 The struggle for warmth during winter.

  10. Super cute. LOVE the texture and muted colors. And it’s little paws *squealllll*

    • Thank you :D! I love foxes, they really are so cute! My mother had a pet fox when she was small, I’m so jealous!

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