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I never actually noticed that I’d been nominated for this! This is such a surprise after just being nominated for the Liebster Blog Award! A huge thank you (and apology for not noticing) to Worrywart for this honour!

So the rules for this award are that I am to reveal seven things about myself and nominate fifteen blogs for this award, too.

here goes:

  • My goal in life is (and has been ever since I watched a documentary when I was a lot younger) to build a snow cave
  • I love mustard with noodles
  • I’m feeling pretty awkward about having to think about seven remotely interesting things about myself
  • I’m in the self-invented blazer club
  • My favourite game series of all time is Kingdom Hearts (although the Disney kills it somewhat)
  • I love the sea and beaches even when it’s cold; I want to live near the sea one day
  • I can play the piano by ear and I think I’m not too shabby

That was an awkward thing to have to do. I feel like all my most inner secrets and mysteries are now out in the open.

In any case, here are the lucky fifteen:

Typewriter Poetry

My Purplehoneyjar


Surface and Surface



Boggleton Drive


The Heartbreak of Invention

B.B. Darlington

Kawashima Designs



Fair Rabbit Art


Congratulations to everyone who was chosen!


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  1. thank you so much, Rebecca-Jayne, for the award. i feel honored! keep up the unique and awesome drawings! cheers, y

  2. Hey, thanks for the mention. I’m very new to this whole blogging lark so thanks for taking interest in my posts. By the way I really like your illustrations, keep up the good work. You should think about adding adobe photoshop and illustrator to your skills, there’s loads of free tutorials on youtube, it’ll give you much more scope with your illustrations but you’re doing great work with paint. Fair play

    • No problem, I’m actually very familiar with Photoshop; I use it if I’m ever doing anything serious. It’s especially useful for colouring lineart and it doesn’t have an annoying fill tool like Paint does. I just use Paint for this because I think it’s roughness and crappiness is sort of cute :D!

  3. ❤ Thank you!

    A snow cave would be amazing. I'd like to see you draw that up. Do you take requests?

  4. Lol, now if I was ever to go on Jeopardy…. and you came up in a Daily Double… I feel like I would stand a chance! Hahahaha!!
    Oh and Congrats on the nom and to everyone else here was mentioned! Way to go everyone XD.

  5. Another award??? 😯

  6. riatarded permalink

    Is it ok if I take the I pledge to read the written word logo from your blog! I am doing a post and it’s relevant:)

    • Of course it is, I think it’s a campaign so anyone can use it. I stole it off someone else’s blog and edited the background colour so it suited my blog. If you click on it, there are many variants of it 😀

  7. *SQUEALS* Thank You! 🙂

  8. Ag that’s nice! Thank you dearly, I accept humbly and with a low curtsy. You are pretty versatile yourself. 🙂 I’ll be posting my award soon!

  9. Thanks girl 😉

  10. I would love to live near/on a beach, as well 🙂

    Thank you for the nomination ! This was very kind of you. Please let me know if you’d like a typewriter poem…would love to type one up for you ❤

    • It would be so awesome to just build a little sea-shack ON the beach :D! No problem, I’d love one if you’re prepared to write me one, but don’t feel obliged or anything ahah 😀

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