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The Flimsy Bank Card


My mother is rather fond of the old PS2. She enjoys the easy games like Ratchet and Clank, but recently moved on to more challenging titles such as Prince of Persia (although she is terrible at it and it’s frustrating to watch; she also calls the wall jump ‘boingy boingy’).

While perusing the shelves in CEX (which is a really good shop for discount games), I came across the first and third games of the Jak and Daxter series and I was naturally eager to purchase them for my mother since she had played the second of the series and had previously expressed interest in the others

I should note that in CEX (at least, in the one near me), the queue system is similar to that of a bank in that they call you when it’s your turn to be served and the actual queue is some distance away from the tills.

It was just as I had reached the front of the queue, excited to make my selfless purchase, when disaster struck:

I was holding my bank card in my hand (I have a thing about having money ready before approaching the till) and I must have some iron grip or something because it just snapped in two for no apparent reason.

I was mortified.

There I was, about to be summoned to the register, with no way of paying as I had given Luke the rest of my money (under the condition that he would pay me back as it was my designated Christmas money) to buy a Dynasty Warriors game that he really wanted.

When I was called to be served, seconds later, I had no choice but to shout ridiculously and stupidly to the cashier that I’d broken my card before running away and hiding behind some shelves.

I felt like such an idiot.

In retrospect, I don’t know why I announced it to him when I could have just walked off and pretended that I’d changed my mind.

In the end, Luke was kind enough to sacrifice the purchase of his game so that I could buy the ones that I had intended to give to my mother but unfortunately, when I reluctantly and awkwardly returned to the tills, to my horror I discovered that I was to be served by the same person to whom I had shouted dumbly from the queue.

While I was, thankfully, able to buy the games, all in all, it was a pretty grim experience; I don’t think I can go back there for a while.


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  1. Luke is a hero. I need to cross the pond and visit this store. Sounds like an adventure.

    • You should, that was actually my first time in there. They do DVDs and electronics, too! Be wary of pond monsters, they will weaken your bank card.

  2. eldinsmille permalink

    Interesting life u have! (:

    • eldinsmille permalink

      i did your nominations thing!

    • It’s not really that interesting ahahahah :> Just a lot of awkward stuff happens to me!

      • eldinsmille permalink

        good thing that you making a story out of it! one day u should publish a book/novel with your adventures…with those drawings of course.
        i would buy the book immediately!

      • I’d love to write a book, but it’s a long way off yet 😀 I actually have a large book of photographs that was a part of my photography project: I have these two very small string voodoo doll type things of Luke and I and I make a book documenting all their adventures through photographs :> It was pretty fun!

  3. Your writing voice is great…you move at a hospitable pace, keeping your reader near you, nearly tucked in the pocket of your brown jumper. You mentioned something about people only liking your pictures in a post or two back….for me, it’s you mixed in with the story and the drawings. It’s a real thrill to find an artist/writer with excellent craft and also saying something you enjoy hearing.

    • Ah, thank you so much 😀 I think you need the mix, really, you can’t have loads of writing without images and loads of images without writing ahahaha :>

  4. I agree on the book idea – the photo book with the sting voodoo type things sounds fun, too.

    • It was pretty fun 😀 I’ll upload some of it if I ever get the chance, sadly I only have the pictures printed and not the digital copies :<

  5. i’m laughing…. endless 😀 😀 😀

  6. How do you even snap a bank card? D: I’m paranoid about these things, and my cards stay in my wallet at all times, except for the instant that they’re needed.

    • I have no idea x__x I think I’ll have to invest in and use a wallet, too. Also, one of your presents came today 😀 I ordered them on like the 10th so I’m hoping they’ll all get here on time. If not, I’ll send the ones that do and send the other ones after 😀 I’m DETERMINED to be on time!

  7. I always have money in hand whenever I’m trying to buy something, so I understand~ I don’t know why, exactly. It’s not like I’m expecting someone to dropkick me if I make them wait ten seconds to grab it from my wallet, but I will purposefully avoid getting in line until it’s out of my bag.

    Also, you must have quite the iron grip. I don’t know when I’d have the chance, but I’m going to avoid shaking your hand, haha.

    • That’s exactly what I’m like! I think with me, I’m just scared that I won’t have enough or that I won’t be able to find my money and I’ll hold up a queue or something and the whole situation will be incredibly awkward ahahah. I think that would be for the best :>.

  8. How funny that you were served by the very same cashier you hollered at about your card. Not only did you get a funny story out of it, the cashier now has a funny story to tell his friends. Happiness all around.

    • I think he was more weirded out than amused by it, sadly. Maybe he was just being polite ahahah 😀 If everyone who works there now knows about it, I surely won’t be able to go in there ever again! Ahahah :>.

  9. LOL! I actually laughed out load! Nice post.
    You have a cool mom. And the part with you shouting then hiding…epic!

    • I am very lucky to have her 😀 I’m so glad you enjoyed it! At the time, it was an awful experience :< I was forced to go back today with Luke again and something even worse happened which I'll make a post about later D: I swear CEX is just a bad place for me ;__;.

      • just curious , but how do you pronounce the store name?
        Do you say “sex”? If so that’s a pretty epic store name, and makes your post that much more funny.

  10. Wicker permalink

    Having worked in retail for many years, I can tell you you probably made the cashier’s day with your antics. It gets pretty routine in a store and having anything out of the ordinary occur is a relief. I wouldn’t take your panic stricken response too seriously, I too am likely to have a bizarre reaction to something like a bank card breaking in half, and I have done just fine so far! At least, I think I have, lol.

    • If I made his day, then he will surely remember how ridiculous I am! What’s worse is that I’ve been in the shop several times since and been served by the same person. Oh, how awkward my life is :<! Ah, that's when it happens – just when you think you're fine, disaster strikes! Proceed with caution, my friend!

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