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Freudian Slip



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  1. eldinsmille permalink

    I laughed so loudly…

  2. Ahahaha…. poor old Luke! 😀

  3. your characters are soooo adorable ^_^

  4. That is hilarious. Freud would be proud.

    • Ah, good ol’ Freud… I should surely hope so 😀 I wonder what he’d do if he knew that he’d become so famous and fundamental to psychology; also, that he’d had a phrase coined after him. :>

  5. Luke transcends mere gender.

  6. Might want to upgrade your laptop, I hear that Crapple Macbooks are al the rage right now.

    • I would like a Macbook (off ebay or something, I’m not paying a thousand pounds for one) just because of how good they are supposed to be in terms of performance and virus protection. It’s not even my laptop, which is why I don’t get online very much and I can only use it after Luke’s mum’s gone to bed so let’s say, between the hours of one and nine in the morning? It can be a real pain.

  7. I once said in reference to my boyfriend “Little guys like you…” He failed to appreciate.

    • Ahahahahaahahahaaaa! That made me laugh so much :D! I can see why he wouldn’t ahahahaha :>!

  8. Rishi permalink

    aahh this is awesome

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