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Please allow me to be full of myself for just a moment


I found a nifty colour perception test on Get Lost and decided to give it a try. It was actually pretty ironic that I found this because a few days ago, Luke and I were discussing how I think he might be somewhat colour-blind (the way people confuse reds and browns etcetera) and I went on to say that it’s very rare for women to be colourblind when he accused me of being so.

Anyway, I found (well I didn’t find it, previously credited blogger found it) this interesting little test and was rather excited about it.

I didn’t realise this at first – being so intimidated by what was before me that I panicked – but the separate block on each side of the bar is to indicate at what level you should begin piecing the hue together.

I found that arranging the colours was pretty weird. For me at least, when I had figured a part of it out, my mind would ‘lock’ (it’s the only way I can explain it; I don’t even know) and I would just know that it was right.

On the whole, I thought it was a weird experience – but very fun! When I submitted my test, I had a hunch that I had done well and I will make no reservations in boasting that I got a perfect score.

To me, this is a big deal and I’m (probably undeservingly) very proud of myself ergo I made this whole self-centered blog post about it.

You can find the test here so really, go and try it out and tell me what you thought. I’m also very interested to know if anyone else also experienced the ‘mind lock’ or if I’m just awesome and only I can do it abnormal.

In any case, this is the end of my ridiculous boasting (I mean, getting a perfect score is probably really rare and that must mean I’m really special and talented common anyway).

Also, Luke refuses to try this test, probably because he knows deep down that he is colour-blind.

DISCLAIMER: I am really not a boastful person at all and my arrogance in this post is all in jest. That’s not to say that I’m not pleased, but my lack of modesty is quite hyperbolised and I felt it necessary to point that out.


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  1. Perfect scores on almost anything are to be celebrated. I once partied for a week over the results of a urine test. That I didn’t even study for, BTW.

  2. eldinsmille permalink

    you the greatest

  3. ahahah… oh my darling… you are…. a lot CRAZY!!!! ahahah 😀
    Becky the greatest ( and a bit human torch… i don’t forget, ahahah)

    • Ahahahahahaha! I hope that I won’t be having any more human torch endeavours any time soon!

  4. Ugh, I got 57. :/ I wish that it would show you the average score for people in your gender and age range, so I could see how I compare to them. D: At least I didn’t get the highest score, 1520.

    • OH, PS: Did you get your package? Everyone else has gotten theirs!

      • DISREGARD THIS; I just saw what you said on Facebook. Sorry! D:

    • Ahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaha! :> They should show an average really D: What a pooey results page. I don’t understand how anyone could get that score if they genuinely tried to do well.

  5. Brad permalink

    I GOT 16

  6. 22. and it hurt my eyes to get 22. ouch. I think they’re bleeding now. 😛

    • D:! You should probably get that checked out ahahahaha :> It’s like an eye stigmata…

  7. Thank god you got a perfect score….I only like people who aren’t at all colour blind.
    I am afraid to give it to my husband as I think he might be and I’m not yet prepared to divorce him. He’s got a great ear though. Perhaps Luke should avoide the test for now :). BTW,can you please stop apologizing about being self-centered…it’s giving me a terrible case of writer’s block.

    • It’s definitely a good way to tell whether someone is worthy of being a friend or not (I’m kidding ahaha)! I think that musical ear of his would more than compensate for the vision, just because that’s a talent whereas being able to see is just lucky genetically. He still hasn’t done it :< He's all like, 'yeyeye I'll do it l8rz' (he doesn't really speak like that, of course). Ah, I'm sorry! I wouldn't want to be responsible for a writers' block D:!

  8. omgosh, I got a 75. I am so embarrassed.

    • Oh dear. You should be! Maybe I’ll make a post just about how poor your colour perception is – then you’ll be really embarrassed! Ahaha 😀

      • I think I did it wrong. It all looked so pretty as I was setting the tiles, but now I’m thinking I didn’t understand the instructions properly.

        I never claimed to be an artist, though.

        …and I’m giggling at the thought of a post about how horribly I performed.

  9. Michael permalink

    Love this post. !!!

  10. Michael permalink

    I have just nominated you for the “Kreativ Blogger Award.” For more information and further action, please check out my latest post on this subject. Best Regards.

    • Ah, thank you very much 😀 I’ll slap it on my blog tonight :D! I’m so honoured that you chose me ;___;!

  11. I got a 4! I feel like I know where I messed up, but I’m fine with a 4. 😛

  12. I think it’s great that you got a perfect score, and I’m glad you shared it with us. You are an artist, so it’s something that will be helpful in the things you create and design.

    • Well, I’m not an artist YET, but one day, I shall be and when that day comes, it certainly will come in handy! That is, unless all my time in front of the computer screen damages my eyes :<!

  13. I got 8…so I’m not as great as you! ha
    but the average score for men in my age range is 20~29. So I can still pat myself on the back and say I did pretty good.

  14. My olletron friend – you are a creative genius. I, sadly, scored a 3! Congrats on your color perfection.

    And because I love quotes:
    “Colour is uncontainable. It effortlessly reveals the limits of language and evades our best attempts to impose a rational order on it… To work with colour is to become acutely aware of the insufficiency of language and theory – which is both disturbing and pleasurable.” David Batchelor

    • What a delicious quotation (I hope that doesn’t sound creepy)! I wish I could reel such lovely treats off at will like that! A three is almost perfect! To be pedantic, apparently, nothing is ‘perfect’ so we are therefore equals.

  15. Ladies and gentleman, I would like to propose a toast. A toast in honour of this little blonde girl, who lives on a farm where the cows eat up her Internet cables, for having such immaculate colour perception in this harsh, harsh modern world of hours.

    To Olletron!

    • Ah, thankyou! I should bow or something, I suppose. Those accursed cows! Oh, the problems they have caused me!

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