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To my fellow bloggers


To all my good pals in the blogosphere, I must extend a sincere apology for the recent lack of activity. I know that most of you aren’t that bothered anyway, but especially to those of whose blogs I am a regular (I’m not sure if the syntax or grammar of that sentence is correct), I will apologise for not commenting on any recent posts or making contact etcetera. This is due to the fact that I’ve been spending a lot more time at home over the Christmas period where my internet connection is compromised.

Also, I feel very intimidated by the volume of posts I have to catch up on!

Fear not; there will be more Detrimentally Disgruntled shenanigans, soon!


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  1. Ugh. Take my advice. Don’t even try to catch up. Just jump in when you get back!

    • I just felt mean ignoring all the posts that I missed :< It was long and somewhat laborious, but I did catch up (almost, anyway) 😀 It's amazing how must people can write in such a small amount of days!

  2. I have the same problem so I understand… Having said that I miss you and really look forward to new posts! 🙂 x
    Merry Xmas

    • Don’t build your hopes up too much ahahah, now I feel like I have a lot of expectations to fill aauuuu! Merry Christmas to you, too! Thanks for understanding :>.

  3. I was just asking myself yesterday where the heck you’d been! Glad you’re okay, have fun with the family!

    • I’ll try to have fun, I find family events and such pretty awkward to be honest 😡 eeeeeeeueueuuuu…

      • I understand. Our Christmas is going to be pretty small this year. Just us, my dad and one of my brothers. He might bring a friend with him, but that’s not so bad. It’s a little sad that my youngest brother can’t make it, but should still be good times anyway.

      • That’s a shame about your brother :< There's always next year!

    • Thank you :D! To be honest, it was rushed and more for the sake of a picture. I don’t know if you’ve seen those memes that have some demonic looking animal with the caption, ‘SOON’ on it, but that’s sort of what I was going for ahahahahah :>.

  4. Michael permalink

    Ahhh …….. I am hearing fom you again That’s great news to me. “Have a blessed Christmas,” Ollerton. !!!

  5. eldinsmille permalink

    I don’t have that problem, but I presume why you aren’t active these days.
    I was right.
    I always right.

    • eldinsmille permalink

      Merry Xmas!

    • Indeed you are 😀

      • eldinsmille permalink

        I don`t celebrate Xmas.
        It is cosy and stuff but I`m not celebrating it.
        Not that I coming from Islamic tradition, it is `cause I`m an atheist!

      • That’s fair enough 😀 I celebrate it out of obligation mostly, but I do find comfort in its cosiness and I like how it brings people together (though I get very awkward around family). I do think it’s awfully exaggerated and materialistic though, as most people would agree :>

  6. Can’t wait to hear all the stories of you wonderful holiday!

    • They’re not that interesting so far ahahah :> Having said that, however, there should be quite a few by the end of it :>.

  7. A compromised Internet connection? Sounds sinister, what on earth have you been doing?

    • It is most sinister! At home (we live on a farm in the middle of nowhere), we used to use AOL (as awful as it is) until the internet cable or whatever it is in the ground was somehow damaged by a cow or something. We’ve had no internet there for about a year and a half and my mother said she won’t fix it until BT upgrade all the cables in the area which will be in another half a year or so. We’re using a terrible o2 broadband USB but I’d rather not use it at all ahahah, it’s notoriously slow :>.

      • Ouch. I remember the days of using a 56k modem to get onto the Internet, I feel your pain.

        I don’t live on a farm but us townies sometimes have problems with gypsies stealing digging up cables and selling them for scrap. For some reason having cows cutting the cables is far more interesting.

      • Yes, it’s just awful. I don’t know, seeing a gypsy digging up a cable would be pretty interesting too – at least they put some planning and effort into it, whereas the cows are just like ‘ooh, this underground grass is different, munch munch munch’ and that’s the end of the cable :<

  8. Don’t feel guilty at all. We will wait for you to come back. Enjoy your time – if you can :).

    Will be great to have you back. I hope you can see that your presence is a bright spot to all of us here.

    Happy Christmas, my new blog friend!!

    • Thanks, I will try my best to have a good time 😀 ’tis the season and all. Aah you flatter me too much! Merry Christmas to you, too :D!

  9. Enjoy Christmas with your family. We will all be here waiting for you. I’ve been so busy with school and family visiting for the holidays that I’ve barely been able to get posts out, much less read others’ blogs. I’m just catching up now; today was the last day of the semester. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    • Same to you (even though I’m late in my response)! Are you kidding? You’ve got tons of posts for me to read – what a treat for me!

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