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I’m not quite sure why this is, but for some reason or another, whenever I buy something online that has an estimated delivery date, said date is never the actual date on which my package arrives.

While the first couple of days are bearable, eventually hope and patience begin to wear thin.

Soon, all I can think about is when the item will arrive.

By the fifth day, I’m almost at breaking point: I go from being distressed at the fact that my package still hasn’t arrived to being angry that the estimated delivery date has grossly lied to me.

And then comes that inevitable and barren day on which there is no hope at all for a delivery.

Then the fear that my package could have got lost hits me. I could easily have mistyped my address on the delivery form, it’s not an unheard of scenario.

Usually, the package dies arrive eventually, but the story doesn’t always end happily. The situation on the 10th day (below) is actually fictional, but I have missed delivery dates many times in the past on account of the EDD being inaccurate.

Incidentally, I have a package that due to be delivered tomorrow. Wish me luck!


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  1. How true, how true!! I am expecting something too…said it was despatched last Weds so where is it !

  2. Lol! I can relate.

    • I think we all can. Surely this doeen’t paint a good picture for the postal/mail service ahah :>

  3. Good luck on that. One day this Christmas, I had to race the mail truck home after getting my son from school so that I wouldn’t get one of the dreaded “Tried to deliver” slips. We made it. Barely.

    • Oh, God! I bet that was exhilarating! I’m glad that you made it, though, ahahahah! My mother and I used to race the bus sometimes, because she’d go to drop me off at the stop and it’d be just leaving the station. I’d normally be happy to wait but the bus only used to come every hour or more :< sometimes they just didn't show up!

  4. eldinsmille permalink

    well, it is true! we all wait for something. always. patience? yeah right! good luck tomorrow!

    • Ahahah I wish I had more patience, but it’s a good feeling to be excited :> Thanks for the luck, it worked because for the first time EVER, I actually did get my package on time!

  5. jeg700 permalink

    For me, it’s the opposite.
    Each delivery is like getting an unexpected present.
    Once it’s ordered, I’ve completely forgotten about it.
    Such is my life.

    • Oh, wow, I wish I were as lucky! I can’t forget about it, it takes over my life until it arrives!

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