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HELP: Flash Export


I’ve recently started using Flash which is pretty fun, but agonisingly time-consuming. In any case, when I export what I’ve done, even though Flash uses vector graphics, the exported ‘movie’ (we say film here) is pixelated and I can’t change it. If anyone knows why this is happening, I’d love some help!

Also, I can’t play SWF files, I’d love some help with that too!

In any case, here’s my first test as a GIF; I was just testing out movement and emotion while getting a general feel for the program. It won’t play on the page (even though it plays in the ‘Edit Post’ box), but if you click on it, a new window will open and it’ll play there.

P.S. I’m using Flash 8



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  1. Wow, that is cool! Funny thing is that it was playing in the email that I receive saying you have a new post. 🙂

  2. I’m staying tuned for the comments! This is very cool, and plays on my phone just fine! Wish I could help you… I’ve been threatening to learn Flash for a while now. Never thought of using it in posts!

    • (plays in my email as well… iPhone 3)

    • Thank you 😀 I wish you could help me, too :< no-one else seems to be having this problem! I'm planning to try and put it in posts when I'm proficient enough with it. Like, some of my drawings can be full-on animated flash toons which would be pretty fun 😀 If I never do it, you will be the only one to have been made aware of my plans buaha!

  3. It’s animated in my email as well. Very nicely done.

  4. eldinsmille permalink

    eager to help you,
    but i have no idea.
    i have a friend who comes to my place monthly and do all sort of things for my computer!
    i don`t know anything that concerns programming, buying gadgets for computer…etc.

  5. This is very cool. I look forward to what you are going to do next. I missed your posts.

    • I missed yours, too 😀 I think I’ve caught up with them finally! Unless you’ve just posted a new one, in which case I’m behind again!

  6. That’s pretty good actually, you got that manga/anime face-shaking technique pretty much spot on.

    You should be able to play SWF files in your browser. Open up IE/Chrome/Firefox and go File > Open and open the SWF file.

  7. jeg700 permalink

    Cool. And like the others, it was animated in the email.
    Love it.
    I wouldn’t have the patience to learn how, but love your finished product:)

    • Thank you 😀 It does demand some patience, I must admit :/ I hope that I can muster more to make something a bit longer next time!

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