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My Relationship with Lettuce


Lettuce insists on being part of every sandwich that I make. It can often be difficult to deal with Lettuce’s clinginess  and that causes a lot of tension between us.

Lettuce hates being alone. It gets upset when I leave it in the fridge, who isn’t very happy with me at the moment!

Lettuce is charismatic and gets along great my other food friends.

Having said that, Lettuce doesn’t like the unhealthy foods at all (seductive as they are).

Even though I don’t always make the right choices in life, I know that I’ll always have Lettuce to fall back on.

Lettuce isn’t on very good terms with me at the moment because I called it ‘Cabbage’ by mistake.

Despite our quarrels, Lettuce is good for me. I love Lettuce very much.

NOTE: I want to apologise for some of the drawings in this post. I know that they’re not up to the same standard as usual and for this I really am sorry. Drawing all these on a touch pad one after the other can be hard on the fingers (it’s mostly all the writing that does it)! It does make my hand ache awfully. Thankfully, I’ve got a graphics tablet on its way so this should make this a lot easier and I’ll be able to post more often hopefully! Also, I’m feeling pretty excited because I’ve wanted a tablet for years!


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  1. eldinsmille permalink

    what a good and amazing story.
    I love your work.
    can u do a book of this one day?
    i would buy it and read it!

    • Oh, don’t be silly! If I ever made a book, I would obviously send you one for free :D!

      • eldinsmille permalink

        ok. therefore – I shall have to give one 2 u.
        as soon is translated on English…
        do you speak Norwegian or Swedish?

      • No ;______; I’m useless with languages. I speak some French and I know a small amount of Latin, but that’s about it :<!

  2. Michael permalink

    Superb. !!!

  3. hahaha… great, Becky.

  4. SaptarshiC permalink

    The standard of drawings don’t matter. The ideas are much, much more important. And they are hilarious.

  5. Can your lettuce come and live with me? And does it like peanut butter?

    • Lettuce would be more than glad to live with you! It’ll be waiting for you at [insert place where you buy your vegetables from]; don’t be late! I don’t think it’s ever been exposed to peanut butter before (because I hate the stuff) but Lettuce says that it’s open to try new things :>.

  6. This is the best! It should be a book. It’s nice to be wanted though, huh? Your mutual dependency makes me smile…”make me healthy!”

    • Did you notice the applesauce? I put that in just for you :>

      • OMG!!!! I love that…how did I miss that. I’ll let jim know. You are the best!

      • It was really fun to draw ahaha 😀

      • Hey! You did a way better drawing of the apple sauce than I did. We were talking tonight that we need to send you some now. And felt really nice to see that it was in your SUPER BEST FRIENDS category.

        Also, you’ve inspired me to follow your blog. I agree with the other comments. The quality of your drawings is much better than you think it is. Lettuce’s face is so expressive in its deadpan way.

        Take it from me: When people tell you you are good at something, actually believing them is way harder than the being good in the first place.

        And tell Lettuce to get over itself. Tell it “Stop your whining: You positively OWN salads. What other vegetable can say that about an entire food group?” You should start calling Lettuce the Queen of the Salad.

        Also, you should tell Lettuce that when people tell it it is the Queen of the Salad, actually believing them is way harder than being the Queen in the first place.

      • You really should send me some! I mean it! Or at least the recipe so that I could make some for myself – not that it could ever be as good as the way you make it, I’m sure! Yes, it is hard believing compliments and nice things that people say. It’s also sort of scary, like, oh no, now I’ve been made aware of my talents, what if it goes to my head and I start thinking that I’m greater than I really am? What if I become obnoxious? What if I suddenly become less great or if it was all a fluke in the first place?

        Ahahaha! It’s true, Lettuce does own an entire food group! I suppose that now it’ll think that it’s too good for me :< Good riddance, I say! (also, your last sentence really made me laugh :D)

  7. I only like lettuce in salads. If it comes on anything else, I pick it off.

    • Lettuce is probably the only thing that I like in salads, unless there’s a nice piece of egg in there… I find salads difficult to eat anyway, I’m terrible at cutting up all the leaves. I just can’t do it!

      • Lettuce is the best food to eat with chopsticks. But we all use forks. And what’s the hardest food to eat with chopsticks? Rice, go figure. We humans are messed up.

      • We are, truly.

  8. Hey, Becky. where is B.B. Darlington?

    • I don’t know but I was thinking the exact same thing today! I hope she’s alright D:

  9. As ever, very funny and beautifully drawn..

  10. You’ve got great sense of humor. Very happy you are posting again.

  11. Very cute post. Which tablet have you bought? I’ve been thinking about buying one for ages, but have never been inspired to make the final commitment.

    • I went for the BCTL-470K-EN Wacom CTL-470 Bamboo Pen Tablet but if you can afford it, go for an intuos4 because they’re relatively new and they look incredible. They’re pretty cheap on Ebay. I really want a Cintiq but they’re about a thousand pounds each. I got the one that I did for about sixty which is a lot cheaper than I expected it to be. Also, I got the small rather than the medium because although I REALLY WOULD RATHER WORK BIG, the difference in price (about a hundred pounds extra for the medium) isn’t worth it for how much larger it is; the medium is only about two centimetres larger than the small.

      I did a lot of research and I found a few good tablets that aren’t Wacom (there’s a good looking Genius one), but on all the forums, pretty much everyone said to ONLY buy Wacom because they’re the absolute leading brand and others can be laggy. I thought it wasn’t worth risking a lesser brand and thus, my choice was made. I hope that helped!

      Also, I’ve never actually used a tablet before, I’m going on what other people have said to me. They apparently take some time to get used to :>.

      • Also, I thought I should mention that I went for this model because it isn’t pen and touch sensitive. I was awfully apprehensive about the new tablets that can take input from touch because of the fact that I like to lean on my page when I draw and I assume that I’ll do the same with the tablet. This one isn’t that old anyway so I assume they’re the same bar that tiny difference.

    • I got my tablet today (REALLY FAST DELIVERY??!!!?!) and it’s really good 😀 They are weird though and take some adjusting to!

      • Thanks for the advice, I hear they take some getting used to, too… Not least of all because you’re drawing on a page and looking at the screen. Just weird.

      • It is weird! At first, I thought you were supposed to look at the tablet and I was like D: Aaauuuugh! It’s actually pretty easy to adjust to (mostly). I struggle most with holding the pen which has two buttons on it for a left and right click. I hold my pen really weirdly so I’m always catching these buttons by mistake :/. Other than that, I’m so pleased with it!

      • Okay, so I’m left handed. Do you reckon that will be a problem?

      • I don’t see why it would be (sorry it took me so long to reply). You should be fine 😀

  12. This is such a fun post. I think it’s great that you have had such a good relationship with lettuce. I’m sure he’ll come back.

    • I’m not so sure :< It's gone to go and live with BecomingCliche! I don't think I'll ever see my beloved LEttuce ever again!

  13. Hilarious! Classic stuff. You really should consider a book.

    • Maybe when I have more material :D!

      • Kindly protect your greatness; I don’t want anyone to change you. You’re gonna be huge…I mean it. The contents of your refridgerator are going to rule the world.

        Ms. Rebecca O’s condiments brought forth on this humble blogosphere the development of a new nation.

      • No-one will ever change me! There’s no need to worry about that :). You flatter me too much! I will not be huge, nor do I necessarily want to be 😀 I love having a cosy little blog and readers that I care about

  14. In our house, lettuce has to be able to live with soy sauce. It has to come to terms with having its nice green leaves turned a dark brown and it’s got to get used to wilting.

    The soy sauce says to say “hi!”

    • I suppose that took some adjusting to, considering how stuck-up Lettuce can be! 😀

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