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Yoghurt and Healthy Cookies


A week or so ago, I bought three giant cartons of yoghurt that were on sale. I thought that I’d use them instead of milk (mainly in cereal) in order to be a bit healthier; also to cut down on calcium for I drink a lot of milk, and if you have too much calcium in your system, the excess excretes itself as those white-headed spots with solid bits – which are actually lumps of calcium – inside them. Athough, thinking about it now, yoghurt contains just as much calcium as milk, I’m sure.

Unfortunately, I’ve only used up half of one and there are still two more to go. I’m beginning to get worried that they’re going to go off soon and I don’t think you can freeze them because they’re in a cardboard carton with nothing else to reinforce them.

On a pot of yoghurt that I’ve bought in the past was a recipe for this incredible lemon cake (which I will share the recipe for soon). It reminded me that a great way to use up all of my unwanted yoghurt would be to incorporate it into cooking.

Apparently, you can use yoghurt instead of butter, not just milk: you halve the amount of butter that you want, and then halve that again for the amount of yoghurt. So say the recipe told you to put in 100g of butter, you’d put in 50g and then 25g of yoghurt.

The other day (by which I mean the day before yesterday. Annoyingly, Luke always refers to events that occurred several years in the past as happening ‘the other day’), I used this butter/yoghurt technique to make chocolate chip cookies. I used wholemeal flour, too, so in my mind, they were healthy cookies.

Unfortunately, they were so solid that you couldn’t just eat into them without taking the risk of breaking your teeth; however, I think that was my fault for putting in too much flour.

To eat these formidably strong cookies, you had to either soak them in milk for half an hour (this was my favourite option because afterwards, the milk tasted of cookies; however, it defeated the object of not wanting to drink milk), or microwave them until they were warm and soft.

They tasted great though – once they were edible!

Here’s the recipe for anyone who wants to make their own healthy cookies:

Pretty much just chuck all the dry ingredients in together, then rub in the butter and then slowly add the wet ingredients while mixing. It isn’t the most precise method, granted, but it works. Just do it in the way that you feel is right.

Bake them on gas mark 5/ 190 degrees Celsius. Each batch only takes 10-15 minutes to bake.

If anyone has any other recipes that require (or can use) yoghurt, please post them (or a link to them) in the comments, because I really do need to use all of it up soon!

NOTE: I just got a tablet and I’m still trying to get used to it. At the moment, I’m mostly using it for writing; the reason I say this is because I used it to write up the recipe and some speech in the panels; I hope you can read it! If not, let me know. I was also worried that the writing simply looks too scruffy. Should I stick to touch pad or progress with the tablet? I mean, it’s a lot easier and faster using the tablet (meaning I can theoretically post more often), but does it look as good?



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  1. Ah, you’re getting good at baking! Maybe you’ll be as good as me someday~

    • Also, Teamsy, since when did they make serving platters that narrow!?

      • It was supposed to be at a sort of angle? Because I wouldn’t hold it sideways, if that makes sense. It looks right in my mind!

    • Maybe, I don’t think I could ever be as good as you though!

  2. I think either way is good, and it never hurts to practice a different method. Flexibility is a great thing.

    • I suppose 😀 I feel guilty because I’ve been avoiding the tablet somewhat. I know that if I really stick with it, I’ll prefer it though :>. It is handy though, being able to use both!

  3. eldinsmille permalink

    don`t know any recipes…
    when i cook i usually improvise…
    good luck!

  4. Michael permalink

    Very well said and great thoughts. Regards. !!!

  5. You are so resourceful. You can make smoothies with yogurt, mix it with fruit in a blender. We do that. If it’s plain you can put some on a baked potato or make a nice dip for vegetables. Good luck consuming all that yogurt my friend!

    • I will try making smoothies! I managed to use up another carton, but there’s still one left :D!

  6. SaptarshiC permalink

    I try to cut down sometimes, but then I always end up making up for that!

  7. I love the pictures but especially the one of the cookies and chocolate-chip voila.

  8. ha! Very nice post.

  9. Don’t be a slave to expiration dates (that’s probably horrible advice to make public). I had a friend who always left three or four expired yogurts on my counter when she dropped off her kids. They were 18 mo and three at the time. She told me not to worry about them being expired (they’re cheaper that way), and not to worry about refrigerating them (I know–that would probably only make your fridge feel more isolated). At any rate, I fed that to those kids, five days a week for over a year. They’re 5 and seven now, brilliant and healthy. For their Christmas card they did pose in the street lying on their backs with their tongues hanging out–it was the kids’ idea. But, really, I don’t think that had anything to do with the expired yogurt.

    • It’s true, things last so much longer than their sell by dates dictate. That’s hilarious that they did that for your card!

      I love going to the local shop at night because they always have stuff that’s really reduced because they can’t sell them anymore. Sell by dates have acted as one big great benefactor in this way ahah :>.

  10. Ooooh-ooh. You can also dump the yogurt on a piece of cheesecloth stretched across a bowl and let it drain for a few hours. It becomes super thick and then you can use it for dips–like sour cream. I’m assuming it’s not the Greek yogurt which you can pretty much use like sour cream already. Worst case scenario–I swear there are hair and facial masks that call for yogurt.

    • Geez, cheesecloth? I don’t even know what that is :< Making a face mask would be fun 😀 I think I'll look into that!

      • Google “yogurt cheese”–turns out that cheesecloth isn’t the best. Cheesecloth is one of those things that you don’t know exists until someone says “cheesecloth” and then you see it hanging in the grocery store isles–usually as a sort of after-thought impulse thing like packages of straws that they dangle along the inside isles. At any rate–yogurt cheese has this religious following on the web. Kinda weird.

      • That is weird D: I think I’m going to go with the facial mask thing! I looked it up and it seems pretty easy. Can’t complain about smooth skin! I may even get a dressing gown and some cucumber and do the whole home spa thing! Ahaha 😀

        I’m always tempted to buy straws :X I just love them!

  11. Eeeeeeuuuu I’ve never been reblogged before ;____; Thank you!

  12. OMG, can you delete this….I wrote this and then cut it off my other post…I was having fun but thought this bit about me and arugula wasn’t relevant. Plus it’s full of spelling errors!!!! I don’t know why it posted….god i am insane. BTW…I am not a flattery type person. You should know that. I really am a frank person and notice flaws more than I should. But I will stop telling you what I see. It’s freaky. I get it, really, I do.

    Also, the post about Luke today, with the balls and butt sugar really cracked me up… I think next time you two should just moon your followers 😉

    • I am so ashamed of my spelling. Just remember I was raised by dyslexic wolves, and might even be a bit backward myself. It’s my cross.

    • Ahah maybe we will! Also I think I deleted it :> Your poor spelling will never be seen by anyone!

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