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Itchy Balls


Luke was having this conversation with himself in the kitchen earlier:

It actually went on much longer and concluded with him telling himself sternly that he was going to put some sugar up his bumhole. I do worry about him sometimes.

Sorry that this isn’t a real post. I’m having terrible writers’ block lately. In any case, I just thought I’d share this little moment with you.




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  1. …That’s gross. D: I still don’t get why you’re with him, but eh.

    (PS, Where’s my Christmas present? ;D)

    • Seriously D:??!?


      I thought it’d be a bit late because when I went home mum hadn’t actually sent it -_- but she was like I WILL OK JUST LEAVE IT WITH ME and I was like D: OK then 😡

      You’ll probably get it and be like this totally wasn’t worth the wait ;____; Aaauuu.

  2. Michael permalink

    Best Wishes in all your future writings. Regards. !!!

  3. Wicker permalink

    Guys have some funny conversations with themselves, but then I have been guilty of having conversations with my various body parts too. Especially if they are being very itchy. I think the itching can cause a mental strain that can only be resolved through conversation…

    • Ahahahahah 😀 that seems to be the case! It’s a shame that we can’t just tell our body to stop itching. Although that wouldn’t end the awkward body conversations we have with ourselves. If anything, it’d exacerbate the situation.

  4. Hahahahaha….

    I think this is a good post!

  5. eldinsmille permalink

    he he

  6. occultoantonio permalink

    “Is there a doctor here? We have a problem with a boy and his balls. ” 😀

  7. It’s a man thing!! .. they have to hold onto what they think is precious 🙂

  8. millodello permalink

    Creepily insane funny post. It absolutely just rolls. Well done. How did I get? I remember the fridge.

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