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A Friend Indeed


Hello, everyone!

This is a pretty strange post and I’m not quite sure how to go about this because I feel terribly arrogant; I’m just going to jump right in and say what I want to say:

I have a friend who just started a blog and he’s feeling somewhat apprehensive about it. Like me, he started writing not for the sake of having a great readership and to achieve blog fame, but to serve his own purposes and vent his emotions.

It’s nice to write but it’s also nice to be read; to be heard; to know that there is someone out there who cares what you have to say – even if they just find you interesting at face level, it’s nice to know that there are like-minded people to talk to.

I feel arrogant about it, but basically, I want you to stop by my friend’s blog, Pink Shell, because I want him to be able to experience what I have. I want him to meet wonderful people and maybe feel a little better about himself and about life.

Like I said, the purpose of his blog isn’t to achieve readers and he hasn’t asked me to advertise his blog for him, I just think that I was somewhat saved by the people I’ve met here and I want to allow him the same chance.

There are only a couple of relatively short posts so far, so it’s not as if stopping by his blog will be awfully time consuming on your part. If you’re really not interested in what he has to say, so be it.

In any case, I realise that this has been terribly arrogant of me and for that, I apologise; however, I think that my willingness to be perceived in this way illustrates my seriousness.

Thank you for your time, sincerely.


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  1. Michael permalink

    Olletron, You have a way of promoting Pink Shell. It;s great. !!!

  2. I wouldn’t say that’s arrogant at all. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to help your friend get some readers. Like you said, it’s as much about community as anything else, at least for me 🙂

  3. SaptarshiC permalink

    Helping friends out when they need it is not arrogant at all.
    In fact, there are far too many people out there who would not do that unless asked. It just shows that you are a real friend.

    • Good :D! I’m glad that it doesn’t seem to be arrogant. A friend in need is a friend indeed~

  4. eldinsmille permalink


  5. This isn’t arrogant at all. It’s being a friend and being very supportive…something we’ve all been doing for each other.

    • I think that’s the case! Blogging really helps 🙂 Everyone on here is so nice, too!

  6. Not arrogant. Who is this puppet master who makes us all want to apologize for using the first person, for promoting the people we care about? I recall when I took a women’s boxing class the instructor got exasperated with us because we all instinctively kept saying “Sorry!” after punching each other. There should be some space on this earth where we do not need to apologize, at least not preemptively. If we violate, sure, but for speaking, or supporting, or punching someone with padding who is standing there punching you. . .no apologies.

    • Ahaha, when I used to do Ju-Jitsu, I always felt bad for throwing people about. Once I winded someone pretty badly and they had to sit the rest of the night out. I felt awful and kept apologising but my sensei told me not to because that’s what people are here for. When you do something like martial arts or boxing, you’re prepared to be roughed up a bit. It’s true enough. The person that I’d hurt thought the whole thing was pretty funny anyway; I suppose it was.

  7. This is a fine thing that you do for your friend and you should NOT apologise for it !

  8. You are a good friend.

  9. You’re a sweetie. Will do.

  10. You are a true friend. I’m sure Pink Shell would do the same for you. I will stop by tonight.

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