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During the Leave of Absence: Part 1


Wow, OK, it’s been a long time, everyone!

I have to admit, I’ve been away a lot longer than I’d like to have been. It had gotten to the point where I’d been deliberating as to whether or not I should just let the blog die and have it over and done with – give it a kind death and put it out of its misery – but a part of me always knew that I’d be back.

The truth is that the blog makes me anxious when I’ve not posted anything in even a few days, let alone weeks or months. I get to the point where feel like I can’t write anything at all because I have to catch up on so many other people’s posts and as time goes by, this feeling escalates into a whirlpool of procrastination and anxiety.

It’s more that I feel as if I can’t possibly focus on my own posts when I haven’t had the decency to read others’. It all seems so rude. I feel that I’m probably being more polite than I ought to be, and such politeness is absolutely detrimental.

I’ll say right now that I probably won’t catch up on all the posts that I have missed, but I’ll do my best, a little at a time.

With that said, out with all that negativity, and in with the new posts!

I should begin by reeling off my usual excuse that my internet has been – as ever – compromised and it’s now a lot harder for me to get online. This is due to the fact that I’ve been living back at my parents’ farm again (Luke’s with me) and because of this, I’m feeling a lot better in myself. I finally feel like I’m home and that makes me happy (it may also have something to do with the fact that I am finally reunited once more with my beloved piano).

The reason why we don’t have internet here is because two years ago, some silly cow decided it would be a good idea to unearth and destroy (by any means necessary) the cable which delivers internet to our countryside abode.

Since then, no-one has gotten around to phoning up BT and asking for a replacement cable and that’s why our source of internet is now a silly T-Mobile dongle which is slow and irritating.

This means, much to Luke’s utter dismay, that there is no Xbox live here, either.

But my real lack of posting began back in February:

Luke and I had landed ourselves a job in construction, courtesy of Dave, building a bicycle trail through a woodland park. It was only a temporary job, to last from then until May, when the track was supposed to be complete and ready for use. It was a great job; I got to do all kinds of fun things like driving diggers…

…And driving track-dumpers…

…And carrying heavy things, which wasn’t so fun. A lot of the time, I feel like Dave (who assumed the role of my boss) expected more of me than I was capable.

While the start was early and the hours were long with barely a break, the scenery was great, the air was fresh, and generally, the job wasn’t too bad. The days were either really enjoyable or absolutely dire, but certainly there were more of the former

It felt good to do some hard work and know that I was helping people out, although I often had intense feelings of inferiority, being the only female on the job. I felt like I wasn’t good enough since I wasn’t a burly and strong man like everyone else there.

Despite everything, though, I really did have fun.

The only real downside to the work was that I found myself too tired to write or do anything productive outside work, which was reason for a large part of the huge hiatus in my posts.

Unfortunately, though, the work was cut short and the posting gap was prolonged for reasons on which I will expand in part two~ coming soon!

I’d  like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have been loyal readers, even in my absence. I’ve noticed that I’ve still  been having a notable amount of views even while I’ve not been writing anything, and some of you have made efforts to contact me and check that I’ve been alright. I appreciate this greatly and it warms my heart that you all care so much. Thank you for your support and I hope to hear from you all soon (I hope that isn’t presumptuous of me! Truth be told, I’m actually very scared that no-one will read this)! I’d also like to quickly add that I’m sorry if the quality of this post isn’t up to the usual standard. I hope to get back into the swing properly with time.


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  1. I totally relate to you about that kind of non-posting circle. I keep being negligent on my photo blog. Partly I’m not taking many new pictures recently, partly I’ve got other stuff going on, and partly…well…once you get out of the habit, it gets harder and harder to re-start. I worry that people will be irritated that I’m not keeping it up, I worry that I’ve lost my photo blog mojo, etc., etc. But really, people don’t care as much as we think. They want to make sure you’re still okay out there, and they are happy to see you back, but they don’t mind if you take a little break.

    I am not good with heavy things at all, so I sympathize with you there, too. I hope you got some great muscles while you were busy working in construction!

    • Yeah, I totally agree. It’s so difficult to get back into it! Silly life, getting in the way of our demanding blogs. I hope people don’t care as much as we think, and that we’re just being paranoid. I worry that I’m being selfish, that I come across as thinking that people SHOULD care, but I’m just awkward like that and it’s not the case, ahaha. I did get a few extra muscles awww yeaaaaah ;).

  2. I am so happy you are back! Even if it is only briefly, I have MISSED YOUR POSTS!

    I recall you mentioning the internet being eaten by cows before, and I know it’s wrong of me to laugh at your misfortune, but the Mad Cow has me in stitches.

    I tried to read what I’m going to refer to as Luke’s Lament, but could only make out the words around his body. Still, fabulous.

    I really am glad to see you again.

    ps. You know I'm the only one you need to catch up on, right? 😉

    • Aaau I am so touched that you’ve missed me ;__;! Yes, those accursed cows will be the death of me. I had a dream about zombie sheep last night which is sort of vaguely relevant to what I just said considering they’re both farm animals and I woke up pretty scared. Mainly because they attacked one of our sheepdogs which then turned into some sort of werewolf and I considered that this could be very plausible. Ahahaha Luke’s lament was basically just about Xbox live noobs calling him a noob and his KD going down etc: the sort of frivolous things that genuinely concern him, ahah. I’m glad to see you, too! And yes, I had a feeling you’d say that – talk about pressure!

      • Ugh, zombie sheep! SCARY!

        Hee, I saw the KDR stuff, and laughed because I’m sure that’s what my husband would be worried about as well.

      • Honestly, men and their KDRs!

  3. Michael permalink

    It’s been a very long time Rebecca. I am so happy to hear from you again. Keep up with the good work and enjoy your weekend !!!

  4. delighted to see you back.. enjoyed the story 😀

  5. occultoantonio permalink

    How are you, Desaparecido? Welcome back.

    • I am super duper, super villain (almost typed supper villain, that would have been a whole different story); how are you?

      • occultoantonio permalink

        Ha Ha Ha… you’re a Super Nice. I’m fine, thanks. Supper Villain could be a interesting story to be written..

      • It could make a rather funny little short story :D.

  6. Yay! You’re back!

  7. Wow, you really hit the vicious guilt circle of the blogging hiatus. Sooooooo true. That, by the way, is a great picture of a cow. I’d say so glad you’re back–but that might put pressure on you. . .

    • I know, the guilt plagues me! Thank you, that cow took me a while! It’s like, when you think you know how to draw something and then think to yourself, ‘what does this actually look like?’ Ahaha that’s not putting pressure on me 😉 thank you for the kindness.

  8. I’m going to try reverse psychology. Boo, don’t come back, nobody likes your blog!

  9. Welcome back. Your post was just as charming as the ones before. Breaks are nice – I took a good three-week break while I was traveling and considered I was giving my readers the gift of my absence. 🙂

    • Thank you for saying so, I was worried that I’d lost my flair (if I ever had it in the first place)! Oh, your absence is quite the opposite of a gift!

  10. Very nice to see a post from you again. Missed your art and your stories. Cheers!

    • Cheers to you, too! I’ve been catching up on your art, too! Your blog is so different now. It said I wasn’t following you and has done so before :/ Is that because you changed the link? If so, that’s rubbish!

      • yes! haha sorry about that. Sometimes I change randomly. I’m so glad you’re following me again. I won’t change my current blog for a loooooong time. I like how it is now.

      • Ah, that explains it! You’d better not change it again, I’m digging it so far 😉

  11. Don’t feel guilty about catching up with other blogs.

    You were definitely missed! And it’s just fantastic to see your characters come back to life again.

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