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During the Leave of Absence: Part 2: Hippo Feet


It was during the period that we call ‘calving’ – so named for the obvious reason that it is the general time in which the pregnant cows (or  heifers, to be precise) give birth – that the thing that was most detrimental to my absence occurred.

During the last day of visiting my home for what was only supposed to be a week-end, my mother invited Luke and myself to feed a newly-born calf. Eager to do so, the three of us made our way down to the barn, bottle in hand.

It was just as we were inside, when I, being typically clumsy, slipped over nothing and fell over onto my ankle, twisting it in the process.

In excruciating pain and  in a genuine effort to move things along, not realising how overly dramatic I sounded, I told the other two to just leave me where I was and progress with the feeding.

Having never broken any bones and never having given birth, I don’t think that I have ever experienced as much pain as I did in that moment. Furthermore, I was sure that I’d heard a loud crack when my ankle hit the stone floor which was disconcerting, to say  the least.

Due to spending so much time in hospitals as a child, while I am not scared of them, I do avoid going to them at any means possible and consequently, I never found out whether my ankle was actually fractured or just sprained. As far as I was concerned, it wasn’t broken because I figured that it would hurt more and because I could still move my toes and therefore it would heal without medical assistance.

Regardless of this, I was still rendered unable to move properly and as a result of this, I wasn’t able to go back to work.

In order to get around the house, I experimented with many means of movement and transportation:

Granted, hopping probably wasn’t the best idea for a person who can’t so much as balance on one foot. I was soon debased to crawling around the house.  This was fine, only once I was down, it was difficult to get back up.

At least Luke stayed with me for moral and physical support.

The actual injury looked something like this (it actually got worse, and the picture doesn’t show it very well in the first place, but it shall have to do):

It wasn’t just the ankle the hurt and swelled, but the whole foot and some of the leg. I had the ultimate hippo foot.

Unfortunately, it took a lot longer to heal than I had previously anticipated. Rather than a few weeks, it took a few months and has only recently stopped hurting. In retrospect, I feel like I probably should have had it looked at by a doctor, particularly since hearing that awful crack, but I guess that I was lucky.


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  1. If it took several months, I’m thinking you probably broke it. But I don’t know, maybe a bad sprain might last that long?

    I sure hope you’re back up to full speed soon!

  2. Becky disliking Doctors is one thing but you really, really should have seen someone about that foot!… could have been Achilles tendon or a fracture.. if it took months doubt very much it was a sprain!
    Bossy rant over 🙂

    • I see. You’re not the only one to have said that, which pretty much confirms it for me (am I too easily swayed?). WELL what’s done is done, I suppose. At least it’s OK now! 😀

      • OBviously not easy enough swayed.. or you might have been to the doc 😀 .. I’ll stop behaving like your mother now … haha

      • I’ll let you off with acting like my mother if you promise to bake me a cake 😉

  3. I’m glad you’re okay! Ankle injuries can actually be kind of serious!

    • Yeah, I have pretty weak ankles anyway eeeeegh. If it happens again, I’ll be sure to get it checked out, ahah!

  4. occultoantonio permalink

    I’m goin down, down, down
    I’m goin’ down, down down

    😀 i hug you

  5. OUCH! I’m glad it stopped hurting. I have experienced a similar thing, except I actually fractured my bone. Just curious what were you in the hospital for when you were young? I also was in the hospital almost constantly from ages 3 to 6. I had a leaking heart tube… or something and had to under go open heart surgery. I was a very weak and pathetic child, but was told that after I recovered from my operation I was one of the most wild boys in my class.I guess I was making up for the lost time running and playing. ha

    • A leaking heart tube!? That sounds terribly serious D: I’m glad you’re OK now! I actually suffer with Guillain–Barré syndrome (GBS). At the time, I was paralysed from the waist down and also in my hands for a couple of years (it started when I was five). Luckily, I recovered the ability to walk eventually but I get physically tired very very easily (sore feet!) and my immune system’s shot. Ahh I’m jealous that you got to run around! I’ve never been good at running since :< I die after about 100m which isn't great when you have to do the 1500m at school! Bad times, indeed ahahah 😀 So, I'm presuming you had a heart operation..? That must have been awful for not only you, but your parents!

  6. I’m still annoyed that you didn’t go have it looked at when I asked you to. It took you forever to get yourr toenail sorted out, too! D:

  7. So glad that ankle/leg has stopped hurting.

    I love your drawings, but the picture of your leg made me wince. That looks like a serious injury.

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